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Version 4.5.56 is a free upgrade for all customers who purchased Fugawi Global Navigator Military Version on or after January 1, 2007 from an authorized Fugawi reseller.

Registered users of Fugawi Global Navigator Military Ver. 4.0.x or 4.1.x who purchased before January 1, 2007 can purchase an upgrade to 4.5 for US$39.95 or Can$39.95 (Buy Now).

Registered users of Fugawi GPS Software Military Ver. 3 can purchase an upgrade to Ver. 4 for US$149.95 or Can$149.95 (Buy Now) plus shipping.

Previous Version:
Download Version 4.1.10 update (33 MB)

Customers using Fugawi Global Navigator Military Ver. 4.0.x or 4.1.x and who purchased before January 1, 2007 can download the update to 4.1.10 for free (or purchase an upgrade to 4.5). This update will install in your choice of English, French, Spanish, German, Italian or Swedish languages.

Changes to

- Please note that from Fugawi Global Navigator version onward the Maptech SDK will no longer be supported. Customers who own previous versions of the Fugawi Global Navigator software are advised to backup any downloaded installation files for their own personal use before upgrading to any newer version. Please note that BSB charts (Including Maptech) are still supported by Fugawi Global Navigator but do not use the Maptech SDK to read the BSB charts. It is possible that some charts supported by the Maptech SDK are not supported by the Fugawi methods to import BSB chanrts. Please ensure you have a backup installation file of Fugawi Global Navigator before installing this update. Due to licensing restrictions we can no longer distribute the Maptech SDK. If your charts are not longer supported in the current version we cannot provide an earlier version.

- Demo timer extender

Changes to Release
- Extended demo period

Changes to
- [ENC Only] Fixed issues with Navionics nTag activation (400 error) for use of newer Navionics charts directly on hard drive

Changes to
- [Military only] Added support for group editing of waypoint icons

Changes to
- [Marine ENC only] Corrects an issue with internet activation of Navionics 1XG chips shipped after October 1, 2011

Changes to
- Added support for nTag Navionics Plug-and-Play chips which can be internet activated (chips do not require a special Navionics Multi Card Reader – only works with chips shipped from Navionics after April 2010)
- Problem with the directory selection dialog not appearing in the "Install Maps and Data" dialog has been fixed
- New logic has been added for naming ENC Collections in the "Install Maps and Data" dialog
- The ENC Cache is now using two levels of directories to avoid having a single directory with too many entries
- A new menu item and dialog box has been added for advanced ENC settings
- Modified AIS “Ignore Non-Threat Class B”
- Fixed support for Navionics .NV3 (Fish’N’Chip) files
- PathAway GPS Software updated to 5.30.09 with support for online topo maps of Canada, USA, Germany and Sweden from as well as web maps from Google Maps, and
- Added icon matching for Lowrance HDS units using Version 3 of .USR file format
- Enhanced support for European iENCs
     Incorrect data in S-57 now being ignores
     Notice marks and other custom iENC objects now being displayed
    .zip.s63 files of a single river from now added to a single ENC Collection by default

Changes to
- Navionics® Gold, HotMaps® Premium and Fish-N-chip charts may now be purchased online from for direct download
Added support for German Topo Maps via direct download from
- Added support for Swedish Government RIK format maps (no longer requires special version of Fugawi)
- Support added for data card transfer of waypoints and routes with Furuno NAVnet VX2 plotters
- BSB charts can now be printed to large size paper
- Fixed issue with product activation for a small number of users under Windows 7 and Vista
- Added ability to import icon name as a text filed in the waypoint import from text file
- Restored ability to use custom generated icons for Windows 7 and Vista (For Win XP, put custom icons in My Documents\Fugawi\Icons – For Win 7/Vista put custom icons in Documents\Fugawi\Icons)
- Repaired Settings|Advanced screen to size correctly
- Repaired Lowrance HDS 10 routes not transferring correctly
- Fixed issue where some Swedish maps could not export to PathAway GPS Software due to invalid characters in map file name
- Removed unnecessary warning on BSB Ver. 3 import when BSB .KAP file did not specify the projection but did specify the polynomials (in such a case the projection is optional)
- Repaired minor issue with moving folders in the Map Library (edit checkbox would not appear until after library was closed, then reopened)
- In routes, the first route point now correctly has a leg distance of zero
- Now retains the Street Overlay view (Maps|Overlays Enabled) setting between sessions
- Fixed missing icons for use with Waypoint Matching with Humminbird plotters
- Elevation information within a track is now correctly copied when sent to PathAway
- Repaired activation scheme for certain notebook users who were continually being asked to re-activate
- Repaired Navionics chart rendering under certain Windows XP installations which were not fully updated

Changes to 4.5.50
- Added support for optional PathAway GPS 5 software for Symbian
- Fixed issue with displaying 3D data when using Navionics HotMaps Platinum charts
- Fixed issue introduced in 4.5.48 with Navionics Plug-and-Play charts where Fugawi would continually activate the 3.5” floppy drive (if present) when scanning for external drives

Changes to 4.5.48
- Minor changes to language translations

Changes to 4.5.46
- Improvements to performance of map library, especially when many X-Traverse maps are installed
- Enhanced X-Traverse chart update procedure with Update chart list and Download all charts options on right click menu in map library
- Enhanced data transfer via memory card to support new Raymarine plotters
- Support for non-standard European iENC vector and raster icons
- Added 2010 magnetic model

Changes to 4.5.44
- Facebook support added – routes, tracks and waypoints may now be sent to the Fugawi X-Traverse Facebook App where they are displayed on an interactive map – requires subscription to
- KMZ support added – software will now import and export routes, waypoints and tracks (including photo waypoints) as a KMZ file
- Import / export to enhanced to support KMZ files in addition to GPX files
- Fix to import of Raster Maps+JPR file – software will now read in a .JPR file if the last line does not terminate with a Carriage Return or a Line Feed
- Raster Maps+JPR files of projections other than UTM will now import from Maps|Map Tools|Import…
- Fix to import of Raymarine .FSH files

Changes to 4.5.42
- Minor change to support new format of online Topo Maps of Canada

Changes to 4.5.40
- Support for Microsoft® Windows® 7
- Multiple enhancements to Navionics chart import procedure to improve user experience
- Enhancements to weather (GRIB file) support

    - Barbs color coded for intensity
    - Support added for models with three variables
    - Request GRIB enhanced to include the following models: Wind Speed and Barometric Pressure, 500mb Wind and Height, COAMPS Detailed Regional Model, Sea Temperature, Air Temperature, WW3 NOAA's Wave Model, QSCAT Satellite Wind Observations, and RTOFS Atlantic Current Model

- GPS|Settings enhanced so that vessel location from a connected AIS can be detected. (NMEA RMC messages and/or the VMO 'own vessel position' message)

Changes to 4.5.36

- Hilton’s Realtime Navigator offshore fishing charts now available via internet subscription from Fugawi X-Traverse at
- Added support for handling S-63 encrypted ENC charts as available from

Changes to Version 4.5.34

- Added Preserve Scale function Settings|Autoload|Preserve Scale so scale of raster maps is preserved when auto loading from one map to the next
- Fixed Lowrance Icons export when waypoints are created in Fugawi on PC
- Added support for vessels at anchor to AIS

Changes to Version 4.5.30

- Canadian Hydrographic Service Digital Charts now available via internet subscription from Fugawi X-Traverse
- NV.Digital charts now available via internet subscription from Fugawi X-Traverse
- Swedish Topographic Maps now available via internet subscription from Fugawi X-Traverse
- Improved switching between online and offline mode when using Fugawi X-Traverse Online Maps
- Improved KML file import to handle KML files produced by Google Earth Pro
- Fixed support of Magic Maps, broken in version 4.5.28

Changes to Version 4.5.28

- Swedish Marine Charts now available via internet subscription from Fugawi X-Traverse
- Added an audible AIS alarm
- Class B AIS targets now display vessel length and beam if present
- Added Import / Export waypoints to GEONAV plotters
- Fixed issue with presenting maps near the Canada / USA border when using online topo maps of USA and Canada from Fugawi X-Traverse
- Google Earth: Google|Import Maps from Google now works again when using the latest update of Windows Vista
- Included PathAway 5 GPS Software demo updated to 5.00.29

Changes to Version 4.5.26

- Canada and USA topographics maps now available via internet subscription from Fugawi X-Traverse

Changes to Version 4.5.24

- Added support for Fugawi X-Traverse ( user data transfer of waypoints, routes and tracks to products such as iNavX Marine Software for iPhone.
- Enhanced GPX data file support with the ability to add or extract routes, waypoints and tracks to/from a single GPX file

Changes to Version 4.5.2202

- Repaired printing which failed in 4.5.2200

Changes to Version 4.5.22

- Added support for Fugawi to communicate with the new PathAway 5 GPS Software
- Added support for the latest Kompass Maps (European Hiking Maps)
- Fixed issue where certain NOAA ENC® files could not be imported
- Fixed issue where Fugawi would close when Navionics charts of Bermuda were queried
- Added Icon matching support for Lowrance GPS units
- Added support for NMEA upload / download for Furuno chart plotters
- Added support for NMEA upload / download for Standard Horizon chart plotters
- Fixed an access violation when opening the elevation library from the Track Profile form
- Fixed issue where certain user settings (such as the GPS com port) were not being saved under Windows Vista
- Removed support for Fugawi PDA Editions (PDA|Fugawi Windows Mobile Edition and PDA|Fugawi Palm Edition - customers who already purchased Fugawi with Fugawi PDA Edition will continue to see these menu items)
- Fugawi 3 Elevation library is properly copied when upgrading from Fugawi 4 to Fugawi 4.5

Changes to Version 4.5.20

- [OPTIONAL] Improved Export Maps to optional PathAway GPS Software to accommodate large map file sizes (eliminated “Out of Memory” error)
- Fixed data transfer for Garmin Colorado – modified encoding of file names used to store the folders, tracks and routes on the disk to accommodate the use of invalid Windows characters used by the Garmin Colorado GPS for track naming

Changes to Version 4.5.18

- Added support for Navionics Aerial Photographs (top down) for Platinum and Platinum+ charts
- Added support for Navionics Pilot Books for Platinum and Platinum+ charts
- Added support for Navionics 3D view for Platinum and Platinum+ charts
- Added support for Panoramic Photos for Platinum and Platinum+ charts
- Added support for Navionics Discovery Charts (Outdoor Maps)
- Added support for NV Digital Marine Charts in BSB/EAP format (Nautische Veröffentlichung Verlagsgesell)
- Scale bar and north arrow now displayed on map as well as the Navigation Dashboard (Previously only the Navigation Dashboard displayed this information)
- Fixed issue with ENC charts when program was restarted and ENC map was not centered on same location as last view
- Added automatic check for software updates to Help|Check for Updates
- Fixed import of KML files when Windows regional settings not set to English
- Street Map (GMF) support enhanced
- Street Map (GMF) support modified so as to avoid breaking support for Fugawi Ver. 3 (and Fugawi UK Ver. 2) products if installed concurrently on the same PC
- Added support for Lowrance .USR version 3 file import
- Fixed closing distance filed in NMEA $RMB output message
- [Swedish Version Only] Support added for new Swedish maps with SWEREF99 projection
- Import and Export of Waypoints, Routes and Tracks enhanced to support Swedish Ref 99 Grid
- [Optional] PathAway 4 GPS Software upgraded to Ver. 4.00.84
- Support for [Optional] PathAway 4 GPS Software improved so maps sent to PathAway more closely match the colors as viewed in Fugawi

Changes to Version 4.5.14
- View Garmin Topographic Maps - Garmin IMG format topo maps are now supported (Note: Bluecharts are not supported) - A wide variety of freely available third party topo maps can be downloaded from (these maps are non commercial and privately made by GPS enthusiasts - do not use for navigation and exercise caution as they may not be free from errors)
- Upload Garmin Maps - Unlocked Garmin IMG maps may be uploaded to a Garmin mapping GPS receiver
- Overlay Garmin Maps - Overlay Garmin IMG maps on any other Fugawi supported raster or vector map such as a BSB chart, satellite image or air photo
- [Marine ENC Only] ENC Charts - Import procedure improved for charts with large number of S-57 update files
- GPS Auto Detection - Fugawi will now auto detect a wide variety of GPS models when connected to the Serial or USB port
- Insert Route Point - A new point can be inserted in a route while in Route Mode via a new Right Click context menu
- Delete a Route Point - A route point can now be deleted from the Right Click context Menu when in Route Edit mode.
- Fugawi PDA Edition - Ver 4.0.3 for Windows Mobile 5 includes various changes to accommodate new security features in WM 5 Phone Edition and to accommodate Swedish Version of WM5.
- Enhanced GPS Status - Easy to read GPS status indicator added to the Navigation Dashboard - Also, new warning dialog appears if the GPS fix or connection to the GPS is lost
- Humminbird Plotter Support - Added support for icon matching with Humminbird brand plotters
- Locked FX4 Maps - support added for raster FX4 maps locked with FX4 Locker
- SWEREF99 - Support added for the new Swedish Grid SWEREF99
- ECW Format support - Enhanced support for latest generation ECW format files from ER Mapper - If the datum/coordinate system information is not included in the ECW format file, Fugawi will open the ECW map in Fugawi Calibrate for manual calibration
- Vector Map Interface Version 8 VMI included - required for Fugawi Street Overlay products released from September 1, 2007 onwards
- Swiss Map Trails in XOL format, supplied with Swiss Map 25 products can now be imported and displayed on the map
- Grid Line - Fixed issue in 4.5.x with printing Grid Lines
- 3D - Enhancements to the default view when 3D|Set 3D View is invoked
- Pathaway 4 GPS Software for Windows Mobile updated to Ver. 4.00.72. Incorporates support for Windows Mobile 5, Smart phone Edition as well as Windows Mobile 6

Changes to version

- Fixed issue with GPS position not plotting on imported Google Earth map.

Changes to version 4.5.12

- Fugawi PDA Edition for Windows Mobile 5

    - Version 4 of Fugawi PDA Edition for Windows Mobile 5 released
    - Uses new Windows Mobile 5 CDB database for waypoints and routes
    - Added proximity waypoints – Fugawi PDA edition can now be set to display an image, run an MP3 file, or launch an HTML page when the user arrives at a waypoint
    - Added support for synchronization with new Windows Mobile 5, phone edition, which employs added Microsoft security features

- Added support for the free (and optional) Fugawi Google Earth Plug-in. This feature also requires download and installation of the free Google Earth software and the free Fugawi Google Earth Plug-in, available here. This feature is not considered to be part of the commercial Fugawi package, but is provided free of charge to users of Fugawi Ver. 4.5.x for evaluation, experimental, and special interest purposes. Experimental features may or may not appear in future product releases and ongoing support for experimental features cannot be guaranteed.

    - Synchronize your Fugawi map area with the Google Earth map, displayed within the Fugawi main form
    - Display the Fugawi GPS position on the Google Earth map, displayed within the Fugawi main form
    - Transfer Fugawi Routes, Waypoints and Tracks to Google Earth
    - Import and Export Google Earth KML files (waypoint, route and track/path data)
    - Export Fugawi maps to Google Earth Panel (map is “rasterized”)
    - Import Google Earth maps to Fugawi Panel (map is “rasterized”)
    - Show / hide Fugawi maps on Google Earth panel and adjust layer transparency

- Fixed issue with Tools|Backup Libraries and Tools|Restore Libraries feature
- Fixed issue with Settings|Libraries where user changes were not persistent.
- Added Norwegian and Finnish language support (user interface text only – Beta Version)

Changes to version 4.5.04
- Fixed issue with ENC chart polygon drawing causing deep water to be colored as shallow (issue only present in Ver. 4.5.00).

Changes to version 4.5.00
- Support for optional PathAway 4 GPS software for Windows Mobile devices
- Support for Raymarine C and E series data transfer via SD card
- AIS form and controls moved to a dashboard for easier user interaction
- Support for Microsoft Vista Operating System

Changes to version
- Fixed issue with Class B AIS data processing

Changes to version 4.1.10
- Fixed issue with grid line display when using Magic Maps (German map format)
- Greatly improved 3D rendering speed of Magic Maps
- Fixed issue with Access Violation on 3D view of Geogrid maps

Changes to version 4.1.8
- Class B AIS receivers now supported
- User can choose to “Dead Reckon” the location of AIS vessels between AIS message updates
- AIS vessels outline plotted to scale
- Data fields added to the AIS form
- AIS vessel graphical representation changed to conform to IMO standard
- AIS vessel can be queried by clicking while in query mode
- AIS vessels presented as “danger of collision” based user-defined CPA and TCPA (displayed in bold and with a user-defined color)
- AIS vessel “path prediction” incorporates rate of turn
- AIS vessel history, path prediction, and heading indicators drawn with user-defined line styles
- AIS vessel label font and background color now user definable
- Range, Bearing, Speed, Heading, and COG display units conform to general program settings
- Enhanced ENC chart install (Maps|Install Maps and Data) to utilize the grandfather folder name when naming the chart collection in order to avoid creating a new collection for each individual S-57 chart (Fugawi Marine ENC version only)
- Enhanced RNC (BSB) chart install (Maps|Install Maps and Data) to utilize the grandfather folder name when naming the Map Library folder in order to avoid creating a new Map Library folder for each individual RNC (BSB) chart
- USB/Serial connection improved when disconnecting and reconnecting GPS or AIS receiver
- Added support for displaying TIFF files using a predictor as part of it's image compression
- Optimized memory use while exporting FX4 files to minimize "out of memory" errors when creating very large FX4 maps
- Fixed issue with Grid Line display and 3D rendering when displaying Magic Maps
- Spanish language support added

Changes to version 4.1.6
- Added support for Windows Mobile 5 Phone Edition to Fugawi PDA Edition for Pocket PC
- Fixed issue with Fugawi PDA Edition for Pocket PC repeatedly swapping between no-fix and fix on select Pocket PC devices with integral GPS
- Fixed issue with select Navionics charts not being displayed at certain scales (user received “Warning: Reduced or No Data” when a chart was available for the requested scale).

Changes to version 4.1.4
- Added route and track transfer support for Northstar 6000i and 6100i chart plotters using a CF card. - Added route and track transfer support for Humminbird Matrix, 700, and 900 series chart plotters using CF or SD cards.
- Added support for Palm LifeDrive™.
- Improved Palm Synchronization to handle different Palm user names.

Changes to version 4.1.2
- Added waypoint, route and track transfer support for Magellan eXplorist series GPS devices
- Fugawi PDA Edition for Pocket PC updated to support Pocket Loox device

Changes to version 4.1.0
- Added support for Navionics® charts on SD, CF, or MMC card (Requires Navionics Multi Card Reader)
- Added Navionics dashboard for user control of Navionics map display and queries
- Added support for Navionics Tides and Currents
- Users can now choose to install Fugawi in English, French, German, Italian or Swedish languages.
- Corrected AIS port settings so changes are retained
- Added support for new Version 3 of Swiss Map 50 and Swiss Map 25
- Added support for MagicMaps Ver 2.0 (German Topo Maps)
- Added support for track download of Garmin® Edge 205 and 305
- Added support for track download of Garmin® Forerunner 205 and 305
- Added interpolation for elevations of freehand tracks
- Added support for download of NMEA logs with Altitude field

Changes to version 4.0.12:
- Added support for Windows Mobile 5 to Fugawi PDA Edition for Pocket PC Ver. 3.0
- Added support for GPX data interchange format
- Added a numeric map scale display to the navigation dashboard
- Added a search function to the waypoint library
- Greatly improved performance of map library when handling very large numbers of maps
- Enhanced 3D support of Waypoints, Routes and Tracks
- Fixed issue with 3D support where select graphics cards require Open GL Ver. 1.1 or greater
- Added support for new Vector World Background Map
- Fixed Fugawi Street Overlay feature so that program retains display setting from previous session
- Added Install Data Pack menu item to the Maps menu

Changes to version 4.0.10:
- Added waypoint, route and track display to 3D window
- Added support for 3D display of nautical charts (water depth - requires suitable bathymetric data)
- Added 'water level' feature to 3D window
- Extended Fugawi Elevation Library to support bathymetric as well as topographic elevation data in .FEL format

Changes in Version 4.0.8:
- Added a 10-day demo period allowing customers to use the product immediately after installation, without the necessity to activate for up to 10 days
- Added feature to allow installation of the demonstration data pack from a disk file
- Fugawi PDA Edition for Pocket PC modified to support waypoint, route and track transfer with the Garmin 60 range of GPS receivers

Changes in Version 4.0.6:
- Added support for GRIB weather files
- Added support for Garmin Forerunner 301 track download
- Added support for Garmin 276 and 276c waypoint and track transfer from Fugawi PDA Edition for Pocket PC (Ver. 2.0.2)
- Users can now choose to install Fugawi in English, German or Swedish languages
- Fixed issue with opening of Swiss Topographic maps

Changes in Version 4.0.4:
- Added support for Suunto X9i and X9 GPS watches.
- Fixed import of Swedish maps using the "Install Maps and Data" wizard.
- Fixed import of European Hiking Maps in the "Install Maps and Data" wizard.
- Disabled export of rotated maps to Pocket PC.
- Improved handling of course information from Garmin devices when stopped.

Changes in Version 4.0.2:
- Grid lines fixed so that the user can change the grid interval.
- 3D support added for GMF Vector format files.
- ENC version enhanced to display the names of area features.
- ENC version enhanced to avoid breaking ENC support when version 3 is de-installed.
- ENC version enhanced to improve display of AIS targets.
- Fugawi now displays only valid com ports in the communications settings screens.
- Palm support added for the Palm Treo 650.
- Fugawi Street Overlay will now remain 'off' if the user sets it to off and restarts the program.
- Software can be installed in English or Swedish.
- A separate German language version is now available.