Currently no Hong Kong chart coverage included in Navionics 35XG

Article CN20206, August 31, 2015

The content of any commercially sold chart depends, in part, on the permissions of maritime authorities; this has temporarily affected chart detail availability in the area of Hong Kong.


X-Traverse chart vendors rely on various relationships with many sources of chart data. Over time, some chart data comes and goes and then usually returns to a given chart collection. The reasons are many and X-Traverse abides by whatever chart content is defined to properly appear in a given product.

At the time of this writing, Hong Kong waters are not included in Navionics 35XG. This is mentioned on the Navionics web site. There is no way for X-Traverse to change this limitation. When Hong Kong waters are once again included in 35XG, the next regular X-Traverse chart update will insert the data back into the appropriate chart region files.

This article will be upated as the situation changes.