I am not very skilled and computers and gadgets -- Can I figure this out?

Article CT10001, May 22, 2015

Take it easy: anyone smart enough and cool enough to be boating can figure out these tech gadgets + software + data.


If you were skilled enough to get to this web site and look around for help, you are going to be able to download charts into software. Relax, it's not that tough.

It pays to have a co-pilot. If you have a 11 year old kid who likes to play with computers, tablets, smartphone then rope in his/her help for 15 minutes and you will get your technical challenge straightened out in a jiffy.  cheeky Or maybe it's a neighbor or your spouse or someone else who's a whiz at computer stuff. Get them to help out a bit since another set of eyes usually makes everything easier to understand. cool

The main things to do, in outline, are:

  1. Get some kind of software for marine navigation installed on your computer / device. The list of compatible software is at https://www.x-traverse.com/supported-products. If the software was bought from Fugawi, we can help you install it. If the software is from Apple or Google Play or whomever sells you awesome software, then they have instructions to get you set up with their software.
  2. Go shopping for a chart on https://www.x-traverse.com/upgrade. (It's a lot like buying books or anything else on a web retail site, no need for angst here, take a chill pill.) Step through the shopping cart by check marking your software title and type of hardware. And then you click "add to cart" beside a chart brand and title you need. Finish the purchase and we send you an email seconds later confirming your purchase.
  3. Now get the X-Traverse web site out of your mind, forget about it for the moment. All the action is in your software: your marine navigation software or a companion app has settings and menus for reaching out to the X-Traverse service and pulling down the charts to which you subscribed.

If you need specific advice, detailed instructions, etc. -- we've thought of everything. Either you will find an answer on this web site or you can contact X-Traverse support with a question / problem description.