I only want charts and do not want to pay more for software -- Why you need charting software

Article CT10021, May 20, 2015

Charts are data, like a word processor document or spreadsheet. Data like charts needs software to present it and offer features beyond merely a visual image.


We understand: you just want charts for boating with no strings attached. You appreciate getting charts in electronic form for all the convenience you get from seeing charts on tablets, computers, smartphones, etc. and you may have assumed one purchase is all you need. But there's simply no way to buy only a chart without having something to actually show you the chart image and let you lay down waypoints on it, see your boat position on the chart, etc.

Think about common software you have used on computers. If a friend sends you a word processing document (let's say its a job resume) you need some kind of compatible word processing software to open and read that document. The same thing applies to charts (i.e. a data document) and charting / navigation software (i.e. the data viewer / processor). Stretching the analogy a bit further: charts are like gasoline, and software is the automobile; you need both to get moving and if all you have is one or the other you have pretty much nothing usable.

So take a deep breath and take the plunge: get the software you need, like iNavX on iPad or Fugawi Marine 5 on Windows. Your charts purchase is not a "bait and switch"... we were happy to sell you the charts on the assumption you have some kind of compatible software to view the charts. Once you have the software, there are fairly easy instructions available for how to download chart files into the software. If you encounter any problems, other articles or an email sent to support@x-traverse.com will clear everything up.