My computer or device was stolen or broken -- Can I get my charts downloaded again?

Article CT10071, May 21, 2015

For merely a second device / computer, just configure software for your X-Traverse account and charts, start downloading. For a third or fourth, read on... ‚Äč

We understand: computer and tablets and smartphones break down or get stolen, or slip out of your hands and become fish food at the bottom of the sea. We've had it happen to ourselves.

That's what is for: it holds your charts so you can get them back on to a replacement computer / device. In fact, most of our chart products come as "2 subscriptions for the price of 1". That means we expect you to download the charts to at least one computer / device and the secondary subscription may well be used for a downloading charts to a replacement hardware. As long as your chart update & download subscription is current, you can do all that, you are covered.

What if charts in subscription range need to download to a third (replacement) target machine? We can make special arrangements with you on that if you contact