Can I buy charts from inside my software? Are in-app purchases supported?

Article CT10077, February 16, 2017

As of late 2016 and into 2017 and beyond, the iNavX app for iPad and iPhone features in-app purchases under the Store tab of the app.


Customers frequently purchase charts from

However, the iNavX app has a Store tab that invites you to tap a Buy button beside a variety of chart titles that may interest you. Prices are adjusted as per the national iTunes App Store (for iOS) or Goolgle Play Store (for Android) that you happen to be using. The chart subscription purchase is completed via the in-app store mechanism rather than the external store -- which customers tell is is often easier and faster to do. By either means, store or in-app purchase, the result is the same: you can download and view charts.

The only significanty difference is that, for license reasons, some chart brands may be for sale on but not as an in-app purchase. What is for sale or not varies over time as license conditions evolve. For some chart of some brands, may have lower renewal prices for extending a subscripton for chart download capability Another small difference is that if, by some chance, you need a refund of a chart purchase (ex. let's say you purchased the wrong geographic region of charts), any purchase through the in-app purchases of iNavX would require a refund request to Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store (which ever applies to you and your device) using an option in your account history. Do an Internet search with a phrase such as "How to refund an in-app iTunes Store purchase" or similar phrases for Google Play Store -- this will lead you to articles that show you what to do in your iTunes or Google account history in order to request a refund.