Charts display only thin red area rectangle, no raster chart content seen using Fugawi Aboard card in Simrad NSS evo2

Article FA22115, June 16, 2015

Turn on shaded relief mode in chart presentation options. Otherwise, a chart plotter software / firmware update may be required.


The first thing to examine with the Simrad (or Lowrance or B&G) display is to enabled Shaded Relief for the Fugawi Aboard chart presentation. This often resolves minor problems with how the charts are displayed.

If a Simrad (and possibly Lowrance or B&G) chart plotter has not been fully updated to the most recent version available, some display issues may occur for the Fugawi Aboard quilted raster charts.

For example, only red rectangles representing chart tile perimeters appear on the plotter screen but no nautical chart content is displayed. In that case, a software update of the Simrad unit is a first necessary troubleshooting step. See:

After following the instructions and successfully updating the plotter's software, insert the Fugawi Aboard card again and zoom into a coastal area to within a few nautical miles scale. The expected chart cartography graphics should now render.