No longer able to import CHS raster charts on a DVD disc into Fugawi Marine 5 but X-Traverse download works fine

Article FF12020, June 18, 2015

Technical issues and software coding license changes made it necessary for Fugawi Marine 5 to cease importing the BSB charts found on Canadian Hydrographic Services (CHS) DVD discs.

Follow the standard CHS instructions for authorizing their charts to your computer. Then copy the files within the BSBCharts folder and paste those into a Fugawi Marine 5 Charts sub-folder named as you prefer.


Incompatibilty Statement

CHS continues to publish the excellent electronic charts they have always produced, and Fugawi Marine 5 continues to support the download + import of CHS charts purchased from our Fugawi / X-Traverse online service.

However, Fugawi Marine 5 can no longer import the CHS charts originating on DVD discs. This is not due to any defect of the discs or charts, the issue is entirely technologies available or not for Fugawi Marine 5's processing and presenting of BSB / KAP files. Do not try to import the raster charts validly installed from a DVD disc, it will not work in Fugawi Marine 5 version and higher. We do not offer free Fugawi / X-Traverse downloads to match any purchase of DVD disc, even if the disc was purchased from Fugawi.

Whether the CHS charts on DVD will continue to be importable and viewable in third party software is a matter for the third party software vendors, consult them as needed.


=============== OSOLETE / OLD INSTRUCTIONS, no longer applicable from mid-2016 onwards ==============

+++++ The text below is kept for archival purposes +++++

Part I: the CHS chart installation and authorization

We at Fugawi do not design or manufacture the CHS DVD disc or the software on it or handle their registration on a given computer. What we gladly help you with is getting your already registered charts into Fugawi software. However, we cannot emphasize enough that if you need careful step-by-step help with the CHS charts-on-DVD registration process you must get assistance from the experts at CHS. These excellent CHS chart product are on their disc and use their registration process. Get help from them by all means, if necessary; and please limit your questions for CHS to the chart registration process. Anything beyond that, involving Fugawi software or our download service, is covered in this article or others like it.

The CHS registration help contacts are:

Here is a very brief preview of the typical procedure of chart registration. The exact screens and steps and instructions may change from year to year, so contact CHS registration help services if you need assistance.

Like anything you install from a DVD disc, there is a setup.exe file. This setup program applies to Microsft Windows. If you use another operating system, contact CHS to see if it is possible to register the charts. On a Windows PC, it may be helpful to right click the setup file and select to Run as Administrator but this is not strictly necessary.

Fug CHS install on DVD

The CHS setup program presents you with an Installation Code. You need to copy (CTRL + C) this or write it down on paper. Then, as instructed by the CHS program, go to their web site. Follow their instructions, go to their web site, this has nothing to do with the Fugawi web site.

Fug 5 CHS install code

On the CHS web site, click their BSB chart registration link. Can't find it? Can't figure it out? Call the CHS for help.

Fug 5 CHS web site

Eventually you get to a page where you input that Installation Code you copied earlier. Carefully enter that and then click the Activate button. Don't know how to type in the code? Don't see the activation button? Call the CHS help line... this is not a Fugawi issue, its all about getting the CHS registration working.

Fug 5 more on CHS web site

Follow the remainder of the instructions for registration. You may download the charts to your hard drive or install off the DVD -- whatever you prefer. Don't understand how to do this part? Call the CHS help line for registration.

Fug 5 last bit on the web site of CHS

Here's a side by side view of the web site and the setup program.

Fug 5 putting final activation code into setup exe

Accept the default location for install chart files on your C: drive and then click Install. Problems with the chart file installation? Call the CHS Help line because Fugawi can't do anything to rescue you on this CHS related process.

Fug 5 more of the setup exe CHS app

Part II: using the CHS charts in Fugawi Marine 5

1. Search your hard drive for a folder called either BSBChart or BSBroot or Chartkit or something similar mentioning "Chart" or "BSB"; the exact name varies over the years but mostly you can expect "BSBChart" as the relevant folder, typically it is at C:/ChartKit/BSBChart or it may be under the standard Documents folder. In any case, the CHS install process has put their charts somewhere on your hard drive; find that folder with Windows Explorer (i.e. Windows key + E) and if necessary use CTRL + F to use the Find / Search box in which you type the phrase BSBChart or similar phrases.

2. Select and copy (CTRL +C) any files ending in .KAP or .CAP inside the BSBChart folder. These are the CHS charts. You do not necessarily have to copy the .BSB files, those are optional. (Don't see file extensions? Then follow Microsoft's instructions on making file extensions visible.)

3. Navigate to the folder ../Documents/Fugawi Marine 5/Charts. Some older Windows computers may use My Documents instead of "Documents" but one way or another the top-level Documents folder is standard and you probably use it all the time.

Folder on hard drive for Fugawi Marine 5

Charts folder in Windows Explorer

4. Create a new sub-folder and name it after your CHS chart collection. Make that new sub-folder by either:

  • on any blank white space under the ../Charts folder, right-click | New | Folder
  • (in Windows 7 and 8.1) press the keyboard combination CTRL + Shift + N.

The new sub-folder has a default name of New Folder but you want to type in a descriptive substitute name. 

Clicking on the New Folder title allows you to enter new text such as My Raster Charts.

Rename a folder in Windows Explorer view of charts sub-folders

Of course you wish to name the chart sub-folder something very specific such as Georgian Bay CHS raster resulting in the hard drive path ../Documents/Fugawi Marine 5/Charts/Georgian Bay CHS raster.

4. Inside the empty charts sub-folder, paste (CTRL + V) the set of .KAP or .CAP files you copied earlier.

Pasting chart files of clipboard into a sub-folder

In the example illustration below, a single .KAP file was pasted into a folder. Your number of chart files and their names will vary.

One example raster chart pasted into a Charts sub-folder

5. Start Fugawi Marine 5. Notice that the spinning wheel of progress in the upper-right corner indicates a one-time processing and optimization of the raster charts. (In the example image below, CHS raster charts are downloading from the Internet. Processing of raster charts from a DVD involved only the transformation of raster .CAP or .KAP files into files of type .FX5.)

click spinning wheel of progress

Processing all of a collection's individual charts typically takes about 5 minutes. An auto-quilting process that ultimately stitches the whole CHS collection together into a seamless whole may take several more minutes, even up to an hour -- but you do not have to wait for the complete quilted version to be ready for viewing because the individual CHS charts will be ready well before then.

6. Click Chart | Open Chart | {name you gave for the folder of the CHS chart collection}. If you see no chart titles listed, click the Refresh button and you should see the titles of optimized charts appear one after the other. After a longer process of chart quilting finishes you will see at the top of the chart list a "All..." title that represents the seamlessly joined full chart collection as one file.

Fug 5 Chart Library open to raster chart sub-folder

Alternative Part II: importing CHS charts into Fugawi 4.5

1. Click Maps | Install Maps and Data.

2. Select the panel for Marine Charts (not land, not streets).

3. Check mark for the "Other BSB" file type.

... click through the import wizard, click Next at every step...

4. On the part of the wizard asking you to point to your chart files, browse to the local C: drive path C:\ChartKit\BSBChart or look under C:/Users/{{your Windows login name}}/Documents and see if there is a CHS chart related folder under Documents. Do not browse to your DVD drive; we expect the ready-to-use chart files to be on the C: drive.

It's up to you to find this CHS chart folder and select it; Fugawi support can only guess where it might be on your hard drive given the typical places the CHS charts get installed. If you cannot find the folder on the first try, keep looking with the help of a friend who is comfortable browsing through a Windows PC's C: drive folders looking for items. Or email CHS technical support asking them where your CHS year's edition of chart files should appear on a C: drive. One way or another there is a folder containing .KAP or .CAP files to which you aim the Fugawi 4.5 import wizard.

5. The wizard has a Search button you must click to list BSB charts in their folder and a Finish button to click that completes the importing of .KAP and .CAP files.

6. Click Maps | Open Map and find a BSB Charts folder in the Map Library. In there you will see the newly imported charts.