Is there a way to transfer Fugawi 4.5 charts to Fugawi Marine 5 -- No automated migration of charts between software editions

Article FF12026, June 25, 2015

It is best to do a fresh install of compatible charts into Fugawi Marine 5 rather than trying complex, error prone ways of transferring / sharing chart files used in older 4.5 software.


Fugawi technical support recommends, based on experience, on avoiding any copy / paste or more sophisticated methods of trying to migrate charts used by Fugawi Global Navigator 4.5 or Fugawi Marine 5 (or for that matter, the much older Fugawi 3) directly into use with Fugawi Marine 5. Generally, this won't work at all or will generate various unfixable error conditions.

Some charts are licensed locked in such a way that Fugawi Marine 5 cannot possible unlock and then display the charts. For example, the chart brand Digital Ocean came on a DVD and the charts had to registered / unlocked via web interaction with a company that is no longer in business; so these charts have no way to be activated and can never be re-deployed to any other software package from any company. In such an extreme case, you would have to retire those chart forever and buy new charts compatible with Fugawi Marine 5.

Find the original unlocked BSB / KAP raster chart files stored on their original source (or an updated set of files, if possible) and paste folders of those chart files under this path: 

C:/Users/{{Windows Login Name}}/Documents/Fugawi Marine 5/Charts

Of course, {{Windows Login Name}} varies for every computer; if your computer's login name is "BaronVonKnigge", the folder path will be C:/Users/BaronVonKnigge/Documents/Fugawi Marine 5/Charts

Similarly, if you have old Fugawi FX4 map and chart files, store those under ../Documents/Fugawi Marine 5/Charts sub-folders.

For NOAA ENC or RNC charts, get the newest chart versions from inside Fugawi Marine 5's menu Charts | Download NOAA Charts.

If you have Navionics SD or CF media cards manufactured on or after April 2010, then click Charts | Install Navionics Charts from Media Card and follow the prompts to import them into Fugawi Marine 5.

Other file formats may not be compatible with Fugawi Marine 5. If you put a given file in a sub-folder of ..\Documents\Fugawi Marine 5\Charts but the map / chart never appears under Charts | Open Chart, then it is likely Fugawi Marine 5 did not recognize the given file type, ignored it, and thus never listed it for viewing. If you have any doubts about the file in question, describe the file type to and ask for an opinion about its compatibility.