Can Digital Ocean charts on DVD be re-activated and re-used in Fugawi 4.5 or Fugawi Marine 5 software?

Article FF12027, June 25, 2015

The company that produced Digital Ocean charts has long ago dissovled and so no company can activate their chart products for use with any charting software. Time to purchase new charts that are compatible with Fugawi software.

On or about March 2008 it became impossible to re-activate Digital Ocean charts because the activation web server for that product line went offline forever. Understand that Fugawi has nothing to do with this: we may have re-sold DVDs of Digital Ocean collections when it was a viable useful product... but we never had any control over the activation / registration process of Digital Ocean charts. Since these products are now "orphaned" there is no way to re-deploy them on new software or new computers. That's it, they're done, throw out the discs. It is time to buy updated (and therefore safer) charts that are currently supported and compatible with Fugawi 4.5 or Fugawi Marine 5 software. A wide variety of charts are available at