Unable to activate Theyr Weather in Fugawi Marine 5 -- How to configure for fetching Theyr weather data

Article FF12060, June 8, 2015

Configure Fugawi Marine 5 under File | Settings | Connections tab, then File | Settings | Weather (GRIB).

  1. In Fugawi Marine 5, click File | Settings | Connections tab. Confirm your X-Traverse account email and password are correctly entered. Click OK.
  2. Click File | Settings | Weather (GRIB). Click the refresh icon (two blue circular arrows) to activate Theyr weather.
    Fug 5 File Settings Weather tab before Theyr activated
  3. Select parameters for ResolutionFrom and To time ranges, Time Step; and check mark any / all of WindTemperaturePressurePrecipitationWaveTidal StreamSea Surface Temperature. (Note: some data types, such as Tidal Stream, are available only for specific geographic regions.) Click OK.
    Fug 5 Weather configuration settings example
  4. Open a nautical chart of an area large enough to show regional weather patterns.
  5. Click the Weather icon on the tool bar. The progress wheel will indicate the download progress of weather data, time varying with the number of forecast types and resolution.
  6. Click the back and forward time step arrows as needed. Pan and zoom the chart to get an optimal view of weather patterns.