When trying to fetch Theyr Weather forecast, Fugawi Marine 5 issues error 'SOAP 1.1 fault SOAP-ENV Client no subcode..."

Article FF12061, October 9, 2015

Under rare cirumstances, Fugawi Marine 5 may development difficulties getting Theyr Weather data delivered. There is no easy fix an end-user of the computer can do; reporting the issue to support@fugawi.com is required.


SOAP error message dialog box

To resolve the error pictured above, some technical adjustments need to be done on the X-Traverse / Theyr side of the service. Contact support@fugawi.com and copy support@x-traverse.com: mention if the weather data was previously working or not, describe any events leading up to the problem that you suspect may be relevant (ex. updating software).

In most cases, the fix is: (1) a Fugawi / X-Traverse technician resets your subscription to Theyr Weather. (2) You will get a reply directing you to enter the menu File | Settings | Weather (GRIB) and click the double-curved-arrows icon. That refreshes the product subscription and then the weather data downloads normally again.