How to import waypoints, routes, tracks from Fugawi 4.x into Fugawi Marine 5's Data Library

Article FF12100, October 21, 2015

Click the menu File | Import Fugawi 4 Data.


Fugawi Marine 5 knows where the default location of legacy Fugawi 4 / 4.1 / 4.5 waypoints, routes, and tracks is stored on your hard drive. A one time process allows you to import that data.

Click File | Import Fugawi 4 Data.

Import Fugawi 4 Data

A dialog box invites you to allow the shown data indices of waypoints, routes, and tracks to be imported. Click OK to begin the import.

Library Directories

Typically the import takes a minute or so but may take longer if you have a particularly large set of data, especially multi-thousand point tracks. In the example below, the software pauses on importing a route.

In process of importing routes

When complete, the Data Library pane of of Fugawi Marine 5 shows the imported data in various folders.