How to navigate to the next waypoint target in a route; and changing waypoint arrival radius and course projection -- Fugawi Marine 5

Article FF12150, May 18, 2016

To declare a route active for navigation reference, right-click that route on a chart and select Navigation | Routes{Route name}. To revise the next waypoint to steer to, right click on the waypoint and select Waypoints | {waypoint name} | Route Point Navigation.


While receiving GPS data, Fugawi Marine 5 can be set to display moment-by-moment navigation data. Right-click a desired route, then select Navigation | Routes{Route name}. If no Navigation option in the right-click context menu, then a reliable GPS data stream must be re-established using the menu File | Settings | Connections. In the example illustration below a route named "James Bay" has been selected; just as easily, an arbitrary latitude / longitude target or an isolated waypoint could have been selected.

Assigning a route to be actively navigated

Frequently it is the case that your actual travel path diverges from the planned route and so you might miss a given waypoint with the route. In the illustration below, the vessel icon shows the WPT7 waypoint is already behind the vessel and so the Instruments panel on the right hand side is showing Course to Steer (CTS) and Distance to Go (DTG) values that are not very relevant anymore, unless the boat was turned right back around to encounter the waypoint. It is better to revise the navigation target to the next waypoint in the route. In the example below, the next waypoint is WPT8. To specify such a waypoint as the next target to navigate towards, right-click it and select Waypoints | {waypoint name} | Route Point Navigation.

Right click for new waypoint to navigate to

Once the new waypoint within the active route is selected, the navigation panel on the right-hand side displays the route name, the updated target waypoint's name, and the revised CTS and seen in the Instruments dashboard's Navigation Info pane (assuming it is enabled; if not, right-click anywhere in the Instruments panel and choose to Add Instrument | Navigation Info.)

Navigation Info panel showing new waypoint target's data

The software has a preset radius within which the software acknowledges it has reached, more-or-less, a waypoint. You may adjust this value in the menu File | Settings | Navigation in the section Arrival Sensitivity.

As well, some boaters want do not want to see a course projection line, while others want to see it but with a length more visually useful given varying boat speeds, chart complexity, etc. In the Course Projection section of the same menu tab, the course projection line drawing function may be togged on / off with the Show checkbox. The length of an enabled projection line may be adjusted according to a user selected Time value (i.e. length of projection = current speed X time value); a slow boat speed and/or small time value and/or large chart zoom level may result in a projection line too short to see.