Quilted chart seems scrambled or incomplete or out-dated — How to delete the Index.FX5c file and make a new quilted chart

Article FF12329, May 29, 2015

Find the appropriate raster charts sub-folder and delete the quilted chart file Index.FX5c; then start Fugawi Marine 5 and let it rebuild the quilt.


Browse to whatever hard drive sub-folder under ..\Documents\Fugawi Marine 5\Charts\ contains the raster chart collection of interest along with its quilted chart which compiles all the raster charts into a seamless whole. For example, if you downloaded Finland charts from X-Traverse, you would browse to the folder C:\Users\{{Windows Login Name}}\Documents\Fugawi Marine 5\Charts\X-Traverse\Finland Marine Charts - 2014

Find and permanently delete the Index.FX5c file. This is the quilted chart, typically it has a size of many Megabytes. Delete nothing else.

Click Start | Programs | Fugawi Marine 5 | Fugawi Chart Quilter. The Fugawi Chart Quilter is a stand-alone simple app operating independently of the charting software.

After the app browses all your chart collections, select (high-light in blue) a folder of a raster chart collection. If you see a clickable Build button in the lower-right corner, click that to begin the quilting process. Minimize the app if you wish and then leave it alone to perform the quilting process. Depending on the number of raster charts and the resources of your computer, the process may take several minutes or many hours. Let the app do its work.

Once the app reports it is complete, shut it down.

Start up Fugawi Marine 5. Click Charts | Open Chart and navigate to the chart collection folder. Select the “All…” chart title representing the quilted chart. View it, evaluate its quality, start using it.