Navionics chart files import from card but software unable to optimize them into final FX5 format / How to reset NCCRkey_2.nky authorization key -- Fugawi Marine 5 and Voyage Planner

Article FF12333, May 28, 2015

If all regular troubleshooting has failed, delete the file NCCRkey_2.nky under the folder C:/Users/{{Windows Login Name}}/AppData/Roaming/Navionics and have the Internet enabled during a new import attempt.


This article assumes you have been following the correct procedure of clicking the menu ChartsInstall Navionics Charts from Media Card, browsing to and selecting your Navionics SD or CF card, entering an arbitrary chart collection name, and then clicking OK.

This article also assumes that you have run the Navionics Chart Updater app in the case of you owning the Navionics+ USA & Canada preloaded media card.

If you do all of the above but files copied from the card never finish optimizing and listing under Charts | Open Charts | Navionics{{arbitrary chart name}} then it is time to use these "strong medicine" troubleshooting steps.

  1. Confirm a working Internet connection with no extraordinary firewall security settings blocking Fugawi Marine 5 from typical Internet access (i.e. regular HTTP port 80 traffic, nothing special).
  2. If you have not already configured Windows to do so, set it to show hidden files and folders on the hard drive. Expert Windows users know this is done in Folder Options in Control Panel but you may also find excellent articles on the web using a search phrase like "How to view in Files and Folders in Windows 8.1" or similar phrases.
  3. On your keyboard press the Windows key + E ... this is the universal keyboard short-cut to start Windows Explorer / File Explorer. Else, there are different ways to do the same things such as clicking Start | Computer or clicking the File Explorer icon on the Windows 8.1 task bar.
  4. Browse to this folder path: C:/Users/{{Windows Login Name}}/AppData/Roaming/Navionics
    Of course, {{Windows Login Name}} varies for every computer; if your computer's login name is "AdamWeishaupt", the folder path will be C:/Users/AdamWeishaupt/AppData/Roaming/Navionics
  5. You should see a file called NCCRkey_2.nky (the ".nky" may be hidden by Windows, and that's okay, it's just shy that way). Right-click that file NCCRkey_2.nky and select to Cut it (or press CTRL + X, same thing).
  6. Browse to your Windows desktop (or any folder outside of AppData\Roaming\Navionics) and right-click Paste (i.e. CTRL + V) to save that file for possible future restoration or testing.
  7. Restart Fugawi Marine 5. If all goes well, it will see the Navionics chart files, they will get authorized for use via brief Internet hand shake with Navionics, and the chart files will start processing.
  8. Once the spinning wheel in the upper-right corner of the software stops, click Charts | Open Chart | Navionics{{arbitrary chart name}}. You should see a list of ready to open Navionics chart regions.