nTag not found error when import dialog browses to Navionics card sub-folder -- Fugawi Marine 5 and Voyage Planner

Article FF12345, September 29, 2015

When clicking Charts | Install Navionics Charts From Media Card, the "..." browse button needs to be pointed at the top-level Navionics card drive letter, not a sub-folder.


If you have a Navionics Gold, Platinum+, HotMaps, or Navionics+ card manufactured on or after April 2010 but you get a "no nTag found" type of error, you may have made a mistake in how you attempted the import of the Navionics charts. One historical variant of the error message is illustrated below:

Fug 5 error about nTag

Here is what you do to avoid this particular error.

After clicking Charts | Install Navionics Charts From Media Card you must click the browse button ( an "SD" icon in newer versions of the software, an ellipsis "..." in older versions). Then browse to and select the Navionics card. It is preferable not to manually type in the file path, that is prone to error.

Illustration below from older software version...

Fug 5 install Navionics browse button

Illustration below: newer software version showing SD icon for browsing to a media card.

Browse button to click for pointing to Navionics card

If you are not sure which drive letter to choose, temporarily bring up Windows Explorer (Windows key + E) and you will certainly see any Navionics card connected to the computer with text indicating it is a removeable drive with the volume name "Navionics".

Point to only the top-level drive letter representing your Navionics card. IMPORTANT: Do not click the plus "+" sign and browse further down because this will bypass the hidden nTag text file entirely and cause you the nTag error message later on. 

The Navionics card might be drive F: or G:, in the illustration below it is the P: drive. Your card drive letter may vary but it should be obvioius after viewing your drive letters in Windows Explorer / File Explorer: the chart card will clearly be titled "Navionics".

Fug 5 select Navionics removable card media top level folder

Type in any name you like that describes the chart collection on the Navionics media card. You may want to keep it simple without punctuation characters in the text you type in.

Fug 5 arbitrary name of chart collection

Click OK to begin importing the Navionics charts. 

You should see a prompt asking permission to activate the Navionics card. Click OK to allow it. (If you never see this prompt, at least the first time you import a specific Navionics card, then finished ready-for-viewing charts will not appear in the software's Open Charts menu.)

Activation of Navionics card for up to 5 computers

You may wish to click the spinning progress wheel in the upper-right to view the status of Navionics chart file processing. In the illustration below, a chart region is getting transformed into its final optimized file format.

Importing via FX5 creation the Cyprus Island chart of 43XG

When processing appears to be complete, click Charts | Open Chart and navigate the sub-folders to Navionics | {variable chart collection name} | Navionic | Charts. In the Charts sub-folder you should see a list of chart regions to click on and view.