Error: 'This implementation is not part of the Windows Platform FIPS validated crytographic algorithms' follows invocation error -- Fugawi Marine 5

Article FF12925, August 16, 2016

Some end-users of the software attempt to run it on computers configured by government or businesses that use FIPS 140 cryptography modules. This triggers a double error condition in the software ending with a forced halt of the software. To fix this issue, a computer administrator would need to relax a FIPS related setting or choose not to deploy the software on the given computer.


You may see a relatively generic " of an invocation..." error issue by the software immediately followed an error about FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms. More rarely, this same solution applies to Windows error code involving a module called CLR20r3.

FIPS related error message

An IT support / helpdesk person with full administrator rights to the computer could run the Windows security policy console using secpol.msc, enter the Security Options section, find the System Cryptography entry for FIPS. A right-click option allows an admin to disable this option (assuming this is acceptable practice for the organization). Those without admin access will be unable to change this setting and there is no alternative technical support available in this regard.

run secpol.msc for Security Options

After this change, the software will launch and run normally.