How to move calibrated maps, waypoints, routes, and tracks from an old computer's Fugawi 4.5 to a new computer's installation of the same software

Article GN13045, March 8, 2018

Tools menu options allow data to be archived from an old Fugawi 4.5 installation on one computer and then the data can be restored on a different computer's installastion of Fugawi 4.5.


When you wish to move map / chart geo-reference data, waypoints, routes, tracks, and drawing objects libraries to another computer, a backup of Fugawi Libraries must be saved to media that allows for the new computer to receive a restoration of all that data.

On the old computer that is to be retired, start up Fugawi 4.5 and click Tools | Backup.

Fug 45 Tools Backup menu

When prompted for a location to save the backup file, browse to any removeable drive letter (ex. USB thumb drive) and click Open. Click Save to have Fugawi write-out all the data to a ZIP compressed file on that drive.

Fugawi 45 save backup archive ZIP to a removable drive

Only the mathematical geo-reference data related to calibrated map images is backed up -- not the base image of a map. You need to search your hard drive for whatever JPG, PNG, GIF and TIF files you used originally to calibrate maps. Typically paths on a C: hard drive would be:

  • C:\Users\......\AppData\Roaming\Fugawi\MapLibrary
  • C:\Users\......\Documents\Fugawi\Maps

Whatever JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIF you find that are the graphical basis of calibrated maps, copy and paste them to a folder on the removeable drive.


Detach the removeable drive from the old computer and then attach it to the new computer.

Copy all the JPG, PNG, GIF and TIF files from the removeable drive and paste them under matching folder paths on the new computer's C: drive.

Start up Fugawi 4.5.

Click Tools | Restore Libraries. When prompted, browse to and select the Backup.ZIP file made previously, click Open.

All data previously stored in Fugawi 4.5 is replaced by the new data just restored.