Error 400 when Fugawi Marine ENC 4.5 attempts to import charts from a Navionics card

Article GN13137, March 4, 2016

Error 400 is a rarely seen error with a few variant fixes. Below is a solution that has resolved most instances of error 400. Contact if more troubleshooting needs to be done.


Navionics has a recommend fix for this error on their web site's knowledgebase:

A re-write of essentially the same solution steps is:

1. Make Windows hard drive folders always visible, unhidden. See: How to make hidden files and folders visible in Windows.

2. Cut the NCRRKey_2.nky file from its normal location under C:/Users/{{Windows Login Name}}/AppData/Roaming/Navionics and store it somewhere under a temporary folder anywhere under Documents; storing it the .nky file under at the top-level of the ../Documents/Raymarine folder is acceptable. See: How to remove the NCRRKey_2.nky file.

3. Delete the very same Navionics folder you have removed the file from. That is, delete the folder at: C:/Users/{{Windows login name}}/AppData/Roaming/Navionics

4. Confirm a good and presently available Internet connection.

5. Disable anti-virus software for a few minutes.

6. Right-click the Fugawi Marine ENC 4.5 desktop short-cut icon, select Properties, then enable the Run as Administrator mode option.

7. Try again to import the Navionics card. Merely clicking Maps | Open Map should trigger the software into seeing the Navionics media card and starting the import process.