Legacy Google Earth plug-in for Fugawi 4.5 no longer supported

Article GN13145, March 8, 2018

The Google Earth plug-in was always an experimental option, not officially a part of Fugawi 4.5 software and it was never included in Fugawi Marine 5. Over the years, changes to how Google Earth functions in Windows finally made the Google Earth plug-in incompatible and completely unavailable.


If you ran the Google Earth plug-in successfully in the past...

To be fully compatible with Fugawi 4.5's Google Earth plug-in module, the highest version number feasible for Google Earth is version 6.1. Attempting to use higher versions of Google Earth will likely result in various unfixable errors in Fugawi 4.5.

Google Earth 6.1 is a legacy version that may be unsuitable for running on some installations of Windows 10 and 8.1. Fugawi support has no technical advice on working around any such fundamental compatibility issues. But assuming your Windows PC will allow it to run, the legacy version 6.1 of Google Earth is found at:


Download that, install it, verify that it works on its own. Then exit Google Earth.

Assuming you already have Fugawi 4.5 with its Google Earth plug-in already installed, launch Fugawi 4.5 and test if the split-screen Google Earth view functions.

If the above best-effort advice does not work. there is no further technical support available, no additional assistance is possible.



If you are installing Fugawi 4.5 on a new computer, there is no download available for the Google Earth plug-in, there is no technically feasible way of making the Plug-in function any more.