Solid scribble lines (usually blue, often irregular doodles) appear over map, may join route or track lines -- About the Freehand Drawing tool in Fugawi Global Navigator 4.5

Article GN13313, October 7, 2015

Along the left hand strip of icons in Fugawi 4.5, select the Freehand Drawing tool and select its option to Clear Drawings. This removes lines that were drawn earlier but perhaps forgotten later on.


Some customers use Fugawi 4.5 for awhile and use the Freehand Drawing tool (left side icon strip, looks like a pencil tip) to draw curves, lines, words, etc. that overlay on top of a map or chart image. Good! We're glad you use that feature.

But we sometimes get feedback from confused customers describing odd looking squiggly / jiggly doodles and scrawls that quite mystify them. The extra graphics may obscure the map and might even be seeming to join together routes or tracks. But they can't figure out how to remove these unwanted graphics. 

In almost all cases, this is simply a matter of the customer having forgot they used the Freehand Drawing tool in the past; and now they are worried something about the map image is damaged or that the route / track data is corrupted. That's not the case.

Left click on the narrow drop-down arrow beside the pencil tip icon. This reveals the menu choices:

  • Freehand Drawing ... changes mouse cursor to indicate active drawing mode.
  • Save Drawing ... store a useful drawing to the hard drive for future use.
  • Load Drawing ... retrieve a drawing previously archived, even if the drawing was subsequently cleared from view.
  • Clear Drawing ... whatever the current set of drawing graphics is (continuous or in fragments), clear them overlaying on any map.
  • Draw Settings ... configure the color, thickness, etc. of the drawing lines.

Fug 45 freehand drawing tool menu

In the case of extraneous drawing lines that you do not really need at the moment, save them (optionally) but certainly clear them. Upon clearing, the regular map graphics, routes, and tracks remain viewable as normal. This often clarifies the nature of the data displayed.

Fug 45 with overlay drawing graphics gone and hand-select mode activate