Memory error when trying to import .USR waypoints or routes into Fugawi 4.5, Hotmaps Explorer or NavPlanner 2

Article GN13504, July 7, 2015

Change the .USR file export to version 3 and then the software can successfully import the data.

Older Fugawi 4.5 based software recognizes only Lowrance .USR file format version 3. Any attempt to import version 4 or 5 data files fails with a memory related error message -- when, in fact, there is no generalized memory shortage (i.e. the error itself is inaccurate). This is a known and permanent limitation of the software. However, the newer Fugawi Marine 5 software easily imports .USR version 4 and 5 data files.

You may work around this issue by going back to your chart plotter and adjusting its data settings to export files as version 3. Once the .USR file version 3 is saved to an SD card, have the Fugawi 4.5 software import that file. Note that some icon mismatches may occur since the icon graphics used in .USR version 4 and 5 has a larger set than the older version 3 of .USR. Otherwise, export the plotter's data as GPX file format (if that export file format option is available) and let Fugawi 4.5 import that GPX.