How to calibrate the Actisense EMU-1 for an engine's parameters using the EMU-1 Configuration Tool

Article HD25030, May 26, 2015

Read up on the EMU-1 configuration in the documentation posted at

Preliminary: need NGT-1 and Windows computer

You need an Actisense NGT-1 to act as the USB connected gateway between a NMEA 2000 network and your Windows computer. The Windows PC plus NGT-1 facilitates the remote configuration of an EMU-1 over a NMEA 2000 network. 

Overview of what the EMU-1 Configuration Tool does

The Windows based EMU-1 Configuration Tool will prompt you for information about your particular engine (this is data you need to supply; Fugawi / cannot know the particulars of every customer's engine). You may have to specify values for input voltage, type of gauge and its parameters, alarm level and direction, tachometer PPR ratio (see engine manufacturer's documentation). Once all required information is entered, you click the Send to EMU button. This flash updates the EMU-1 to remember your engine parameters going forward.

Detailed documentation

Read the Manual for the EMU-1 Configuration Tool posted on this page:

And when running the EMU-1 Configuration Tool, the Help files have some additional notes that may be helpful. Fugawi / has no detailed live walk-through available for using the tool since we have no engine and EMU-1 and network ready for live phone support. You must read through the documentation, follow its instructions, improvise and troubleshoot slightly as needed. Consult a marine installer if you are unsure of the correct engine parameters. Consult Actisense email support if you see error or do not get a proper response from the tool.

Sample of EMU-1 Config Tool screen from older software version