With two EMU-1 units on NMEA 2000 network, Configuration Tool must be used to designate PGN instances of individual EMU-1 units

Article HD25038, July 16, 2015

Use the EMU-1 Configuration Tool to inform the NMEA 2000 network of the PGN instances you have designated for each EMU-1 device on the network.

When using two EMU-1 units receiving a full complete spectrum of data from two engines, the NMEA 2000 network needs some help in differentiating between the two EMU-1 units. This is not in the EMU-1 Configuration Tool (not the NMEA Reader utility).
Specifically, the EMU-1 Configuration Tool has an option for you to change the data PGN instances of each individual EMU-1 unit. Once this is accomplished, all other engine aware NMEA 2000 instruments and software will be able to sort out which EMU-1 is sending data from which engine.
The EMU-1 Configruation Tool and usage Manual are posted at: