Will Actisense NGW-1-STNG convert Raymarine Seatalk NG data to NMEA 0183 compatible with Shipmodul or other Wi-Fi broadcasts of NMEA to mobile apps like iNavX?

Article HD25068, September 15, 2015

Based on customer feedback, this combination of network and hardware operates well for sending NMEA 0183 navigation data to iNavX.


Assuming the Actisense NGW-1-STNG gateway is properly configured, powered, and integrated well into the Seatalk NG network, then it will send along NMEA 0183 to any destination device attached. Several manufacturers make NMEA 0183 routers that broadcast via Wi-Fi, sending data out to iOS and Android devices that have apps properly configured to receive and use the data. For example, iNavX on an iPad can be configured to make use of NMEA 0183 data streaming in via Wi-Fi. See:



DigitalYacht iAIS or WLN10


Chetco SeaSmart