How to Bluetooth pair ConnectScale to an iPhone or iPad

Article HD25252, August 31, 2016

Get the ConnectScale app in the iTunes Store, under the Sports category. Once it is installed, go to the iOS Settings icon to turn on Bluetooth for the device. After that, enter the ConnectSacle app's Settings section, scroll down to the Bluetooth row, and tap to search for the the ConnectScale hardware (assumed to be turned on at this moment).


As you would with any Bluetooth device, make sure your iOS Settings icon show Bluetooth is activated. Do not expect to see ConnectScale in the list of found devices yet (though the illustration below shows a connection that has been completed, as you would see later on).

iOS Settings to Bluetooth

Enter the ConnectScale app and tap the Settings icon (a gear-wheel). There are many settings to consider, but at this moment you are concerning only with scrolling down to the Bluetooth section.

Settings icon inside ConnectScale app

Pick up the ConnectScale hardware and press the power button to turn it on. This enabled its Bluetooth module.

Back on the ConnectScale app on your iOS device, press the Tap to search field beside My Device.

About to start search of ConnectScale hardware

You may have to tap to search for the hardware more than once; and you might even have to power off / power back on the ConnectScale hardware. But, sooner or later, the Bluetooth icon in the upper-right no longer has a bar through it and the icon is lit up; and the name ConnectScale is listed beside My Device.

Bluetooth one and paired to ConnectScale