Find ConnectScale software in App Store, download and install it to iPhone or iPad

Article HD25268, July 19, 2016

This solution really applies to nearly any app you may wish to find and download from the iTunes App Store. However, being able to get an app at all depends on having a goof functioning Apple iTunes Store account with a known User ID, an adequate Internet connection, and perhaps other factors. If you cannot create or cannot login to a iTunes Store account, or having problems using the store, then you probably need to get help from Apple at:


Method 1: Using iTunes software on Mac or Windows

Assuming you can connect your iPhone or iPad via USB cable or Wi-Fi to your personal computer, an easy way to find and install any app is with the iTunes software (a free download). In the upper-right corner, enter: connectscale (no spaces). The search result list the app and manufacturer. Click the Get button under the product name and then follow Apple's flow of instructions for downloading the app to the computer first, then synchronizing the app over to you device.

iTunes found ConnectScale

Method 2: in the App Store utility

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, find and tap on the App Store icon. 
  2. Select the Search tab. Ignore the initial population of trending popular searches.

    App Store to Search tab
  3. In the Search text box, enter: ConnectScale (with no space between the "t" and "S").
  4. The more characters you type in, the narrower the search results get. Finally, you should see the search results of "connectscale" and "connectscale, llc". Tap on either of those.
    Tip: some iPad users report that no match is given for the exact phrase ConnectScale. In that case, resort to Method 1, using the iTunes software.

  5. On the product information screen, tap the Get button, then Install, and after a brief download duration and software install process, tap Open.

    install the ConnectScale app
  6. The ConnectScale app launches to its splash screen and you may begin using it. Probably one of the first things you will want to do is Bluetooth pair the app and device to the ConnectScale.