How to Bluetooth pair a Bad Elf GPS with an iPad or iPhone -- Extra troubleshooting notes for pair iOS device to Bad Elf Pro / Pro+

Article HD25310, December 9, 2015

The Bad Elf product user guide describes how to pair the GPS module with an iOS device. This article slightly expands on those steps.


Bluetooth Pairing instructions for iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)

1. On the Apple iPad or iPhone, start Apple's Settings app, then tap Bluetooth. (Older iOS may have Bluetooth under the General category.)

Beginner's tip: If you have never paired any Bluetooth device, Apple has a nice illustrated article about pairing to any generic / typical Blueooth accessory. See:

2. On this screen, make sure Bluetooth is set to ON status.

3. This screen lists Bluetooth accessories that are within range and available for pairing. Some of these Bluetooth targets might be cell phones, stereo headsets, etc. Ignore those others. In a few moments, you will be looking for an item mentioning Bad Elf GPS Pro or Pro+.

4. Turn on your Bad Elf GPS if it is not already powered up. Press and hold the Bluetooth button for three seconds to toggle the Bluetooth radio ON. In the illustration below, a Pro+ model has the Bluetooth button as the middle of three buttons on the left hand side of the unit.

Front image of Bad Elf GPS Pro+

5. Within ten seconds, the iOS list of Bluetooth devices should show your Bad Elf GPS unit with a status of Not Paired. Tap this item in the list to start the pairing process. FYI: This allows both sides of the connection to securely authorize the pairing between the iOS device and the GPS.

6. Within ten seconds, you should see a dialog on your Apple device offering a PIN number. This PIN will also be displayed on the LCD display. Matching the PIN numbers ensures that you can confirm that you are pairing the correct devices. Data entry is not required; merely look to see that both the Apple device and Bad Elf GPS agree on the PIN number.

7. On the Bad Elf GPS Pro / Pro+, press the GPS Button to authorize the pairing. 

Hint: When you see the pairing code appear on your Apple device, you do not need to enter that number anywhere. But make sure to look over at the screen on your Bad Elf GPS. It is waiting for you to press the bottom GPS button to finalize the pairing. If you neglect to press this button reasonably quickly, the pairing fails.

8. On your Apple device, press the Pair button. Within moments, the Apple device's screen at Settings | General | Bluetooth must show a Connected status for the Bad Elf GPS Pro / Pro+.

9. If the connection succeeds, start using any GPS aware apps such as iNavX. Those apps will be receiving a stream of data from the Bad Elf indicating your position on a map or chart and related directional information.

Extra Troubleshooting

If you experience problems pairing, a general "catch all" troubleshooting tip is this:

Should the battery be low on the Bad Elf GPS, plug it into any USB port with the supplied charging connect cable. Let the battery gain some charge.

Power cycle your Apple iOS device. To do this, press and hold the physical power button on the upper rim of the Apple device until you see the prompt Slide to power off; swipe to confirm the powering down of the device. After several seconds, press the power button and restart the device.

Now step through the pairing instructions again.