CD or DVD disc of BSB charts from CHS have no way of importing into iNavX or PathAway on smartphone or tablets and no free matching download from X-Traverse applies

Article IX14029, September 9, 2015

There is no ready-made relation between the chart data on DVDs and charts / maps sent to apps on mobile devices.


CD or DVD discs have no mainstream well supported means of having data on that media transferred to an iOS or Android device -- regardless of the product on the disc. Some exotic streaming media methods are possible (i.e. video on DVD broadcast wirelessly to other devices) but that has nothing to do with CHS charts and the iNavX app on iOS or PathAway app on Android.

Also, purchase of a CHS chart disc does not imply and no offer is made for matching free X-Traverse downloads for the mobile devices. Any special download-matching-media deals (ex. nv charts on paper = X-Traverse download) are explained on applicable product web pages.

You may certainly use CHS charts derived from a DVD disc on a computer's hard drive. And some special purpose add-on programs related to PathAway can convert the BSB / CAP files on the drive, then transfer those on to microSD media cards for use on an Android device. But that is outside the support offered by Fugawi / X-Traverse.