Lost in an iNavX sub-menu, how do I get back to main screen or find Update Chart List or Add More Charts to Menu?

Article IX14040, October 22, 2015

Beginners at using the iNavX app sometimes do not notice the buttons in the upper-left and/or upper-right corners of any dialog box. These buttons will get you out of any sub-menu and up a higher level where you will see the options you are looking for.


For iNavX 5

The World Chart of iNavX is top level, default screen of the app. Otherwise, a regular full feature nautical chart appears.

Default home screen of iNavX


To leave any given screen, there is always an exit option with a label such as "< Chart", "< Back", "Done", etc. in the upper-left or upper-right corner of the current screen. If you feel completely lost in the menu system, keep pressing one or another of these exit buttons; soon or later you will be able to get back to the default chart screen of iNavX or at least the black ribbon along the bottom with the main tab menus of Chart, Waypoints, RoutesTrack, Instruments and More.

Exit menu labels of various sorts

Legacy instructions for iNavX 4.7.x


Example 1: Getting out of the chart menu, return to the chart list / "Update Chart List" screen

Tap the back-arrow button in the upper-left corner of the app; this takes you out of the chart viewing screen and into the chart list for the presently selected chart collection.

You will see this kind of back-arrow / go-up-one-level kind of arrow icon/button in many iOS apps, it's a common means of returning you to a higher level menu screen.

chart page going back to chart list in iNavX

Example 2: Backing out of a chart list to return to the main screen of iNavX

No surprises... if you are in a chart list and need to escape out of it, tap the back-arrow button labeled iNavX to get you out. It returns you to the main screen of iNavX.

chart list to main page of iNavX

Example 3: Finish enabling a chart title, return to main screen

A small variant for handling the interface: in the Add more charts to menu sub-sections, there are different buttons / icons to tap that get you out of a menu level, but it depends on how old the version of iNavX is.

When manually selecting a chart title in iNavX version 4.7.4, a back-arrow labeled Add More Chart invites you to go back to that central list of chart vendors. Don't by shy! If you see a menu offering you a way out, tap it -- you can do no harm, try it.

Add More Charts back-arrow button in iNavX

In older iNavX versions, there is a Save or a Done button to tap on; either way, it gets you out of one dialog box and a menu level higher up. The larger lessions: in any iOS app every made, if you feel you're lost in the menu levels, get yourself out by tapping any button in the upper corners that looks like it will get you out; the worst that can happen is that you will have to tap a cancel button to jump back to the screen you were at.

Save button on chart title pick page of iNavX

In older versions of iNavX, the Done button gets you out of the entire chart title adding dialog.

2nd level menu to exit on iNavX

You know you are back on the main (level 1) page because no dialog box is floating in the screen center and there's no gray-ish shadow.

back on main screen of iNavX

Example 4: Getting out of the account screen

As usual, you are never really lost. Like the other dialogs and menu screens, there's a Save or Done or iNavX back-arrow... there's always some button or another in the upper corners that gets you out of a given screen. In the sequence pictured below, an X-Traverse email + password is recorded with Save, then the Preferences menu is left behind with a tap of the iNavX button, finally resulting in the app being on its regular main screen (but scrolled down to the bottom where the menu choice are shown below chart titles).

Sequence of three menu levels of iNavX