Sub-menu in iNavX for chart information and its extended chart option to Remove Chart (and other options)

Article IX14042, July 27, 2015

While viewing any chart, tap the small letter "i" icon to bring up the information dialog, then tap the extended options icon.


Chart information dialog screen then extended options menu

In the lower right corner of any chart, there is an icon with a letter "i" in a circle. Tap that information icon to bring up the information (such as title, date, sounding units, etc.) of that individual chart file. The date given for the chart may not be the last date of chart revision; rather, it may be the date at which the most recent major phase of cartography revision began.

In the upper left corner of the information dialog box, tap the extended options icon. Various options are available:

  • Remove (delete individual chart file so it is no longer in memory and not viewable)
  • Update Chart (downloads newer version of chart file if available via Internet connection)
  • Email Chart
  • Tweet Chart
  • Print Chart (assumes Wi-Fi print-out compatibility on target printer)
  • Open Chart as PDF

The remove option and the menu icons for it have evolved as iNavX versions are updated. The illustration below is from iOS 9 running iNavX and looking at the special case of NOAA charts (free, not sold by X-Traverse).