Constructing a route on a chart by adding waypoints one by one -- iNavX app

Article IX14052, September 21, 2015

An empty route can be started in the Routes section of iNavX, then waypoints on a chart can be tap selected for inclusion into that route.


This topic is handled in more detail by iNavX support since route creation in the app is not a primary support topic for Fugawi / X-Traverse. The method below is one means of creating a route, other methods are possible. The visual examples given may be somewhat different compared to what is seen in new versions of iNavX.

In the Routes tab, press the plus ( + ) icon to create a new route. Initially it will be empty. That route must be selected with a check mark along the right hand margin.

list of routes with an initially empty route selected for editing

Return to the Charts tab and zoom / pan to a set of existing waypoints you wish to include in a route. Tap precisely on a waypoint to have its label name appear in a box. Then tap that box (ex. in the example below, tap the gray box WP0009).

various routes on a chart

A context menu appears. Tap on the Add .... To Route option to include the selected waypoint as the next member of the route whose name is shown.

context menu showing Add to a Route option

Continue adding one waypoint after another.

adding more waypoints to a route in iNavX chart screen

Route legs are drawn between each member waypoint (blue dotted line in the example image shown here). If necessary, return to the Routes tab for any final editing of the route.

finished route in iNavX