Transfer old waypoints and routes from GPS or computer to the iNavX app -- Use X-Traverse or Email to move legacy data

Article IX14056, May 21, 2015

Upload GPX or KMZ files to "My Cloud Storage" page or send as email attachment. Then use import menu option to get data into iNavX.


Moving data via email attachment

  1. Export the waypoints and routes from your previous GPS device or software as a GPX file. For example, Garmin devices usually have a menu option to export data as a GPS file that is saved to a memory card. That memory card can be read by a Windows computer via USB card reader; or the GPS manufacturer may have convenient software to bring data over to the computer. Either way, review the User Manual instructions on how to export data as a GPX file; that task is outside of support scope, you need to figure this out based on the support / Help information given by the GPS device / software manufacturer. Save the GPX file to your computer, perhaps to the desktop or anywhere you prefer on the hard drive.
  2. On your computer, use your regular email client (via browser or dedicated email program, it does not matter which) to send an email to your iPad or iPhone. Whatever email address your iOS Mail app is able to receive, send to that addrerss. When you compose that email, attach the GPX file that you stored earlier on your hard drive. Most email clients have a "paper clip" icon you click on to browse to a file for attachment. This is just like attaching a picture or PDF or whatever, but you will be attaching the GPX file originally generated by your device / software.

    Composing an email of waypoints in GPX fnord
  3. On the iPad or iPhone, open up the Mail app. You will see the email you sent to yourself. Press and hold, for a few seconds, on the GPX file attachment associated with that email. Within a few moments the iOS will intelligently offer to let you send the GPX file to any app that understands that file type. And among those is iNavX. So repond to the iOS prompt by selecting iNavX to receive the GPX file.

    On iPad Mail app, tap and hold the GPX file attachment to reveal the target app
  4. Open the iNavX app. Your data that was in the GPX file appears in the list of waypoints.


Moving data via cloud storage

  1. From your GPS device or third-party software, export waypoints and/or routes as a GPX file or (if applicable) KMZ file. Consult your device / software User Guide documentation or consult the manufacturer's online help resources for instructions on how to achive this export. This export topic is outside Fugaw / X-Traverse technical support scope; you will need to figure out the export process on your own as per the instructions of the manufacturer.
  2. On the web site, go to the My Cloud Storage menu item.

    My Cloud Storage page of
  3. Click the Choose File button to browse to and select a locally accessible GPX or KML file containing waypoints and routes. Make a mental note of the file name since there may be many files to choose from later on. 
  4. Click the Upload blue button. 
  5. Go to your iPad or iPhone, enter the iNavX app.
  6. While viewing any chart, tap the WP+ tab along the bottom of the screen.

    Tapping on WP+ in iNavX

  7. Tap the Import/Export option.
  8. From the list of data files shown, select the GPX or KMZ file you wish to import. The list may well be long, so you need to know which particular file name contains the data of present interest.

    after WP+ tab selected the list of X-Traverse stored data items appearrs
  9. A data import message will announce the success (or error message) of the data transfer. The data will now be listed along with any existing waypoints and routes, assuming there was meaningful well-formed data in those files.