How to configure iNavX (iOS and Android) for Waterway Guide points of interest for any chart -- Walk through example of downloading data layer

Article IX14084, May 22, 2015

What follows is a step by step illustrated example of using Waterway Guide data overlays for:

  • iNavX 4.7.4 / 5.x on iOS. The illustrations below are for the older iNavX version but with minor adapations the steps are the same for iNavX 5.x.
  • iNavX 1.x on Android. Skip to the bottom of this solution text for the instructions.


iNavX iOS instructions

Your iNavX app should be running on (at least) iOS 7 for these instructions to apply properly. If applicable, update your iOS and update your iNavX app version as well.

Assuming you have subscribed to a Waterway Guide in your account, follow these steps:

1. On the main page of iNavX, tap the menu Charts | Account; Enter your email and the corresponding password. You only need to perform this step once, the first time you set up.

2. Display any chart you want that matches the your Waterway Guide subscription's geographic range. Zoom moderately into the chart.

3. Tap the Settings icon (gear-wheel, upper-right corner).

Typical example of a Navionics vector chart before any data overlay applied

4. Scroll down the list of chart settings to the row labelled Points of Interest and tap the Setup button. (Note: the device must have iOS 7 or higher, else this menu option is purposely omitted, inaccessible.)

Settings menu of iNavX charts must be scrolled down to reveal the Points of Interest row

5. Selectc your subscribed Waterway Guide region.

Pick wheel for Waterway Guide region name

6. Tap Done to exit the chart settings and get back to the chart display. You will notice that new icons (anchor, sailboat) for Waterway Guide Points of Interest overlay the chart.

Example of Waterway Guide Data overlay icons

7. Tap any specific Points of Interest icon to see available information for that location in a pop-up box. An extra options icon in the upper left corner of the box provides additional information and options.

Example of one Point of Interest data read-out




iNavX Android Instructions

1. In iNavX, select a chart covering an area you wish to overlay with a Waterway Guide product.

2. Select the More tab (...) in the lower-right corner of the screen (see illustration above).

3. Tap the Account menu item. On the account screen, tap the LOG OUT button if you are already logged in.

4. Enter your email + password. Tap Done on the Android keyboard. Then tap the LOGIN button.

5. Return  to the main chart screen of iNavX. Tap the Chart Settings icon (the small gear wheel icon in the upper-right region of the screen).

6. Scroll down the list of chart settings until you see the Points of Interest row. On that row, tap Setup.

7. Tap on the Waterway Guide edition you have a subscription for, the one that currently interests you.
(In the illustration below, the ICW product is selected; your product may vary and the list of all possible Waterway Guide products may change over time.)

8. Return  to the main chart screen. After a short pause, icons of Waterway Guide data will be overlaid on top of the regular chart symbols and text. The number of icons shown is reduced at higher scales, more icons appear as you reduce the chart scaling.

9. Zoom and pan as necessary. Tap on any given Waterway Guide icon to show a screen presenting all known current data about the object.