Error: 'product URL unavailable' when trying to download chart -- iNavX

Article IX14135, June 22, 2016

Update the iNavX software. Power off the iPhone or iPad, then power back up. Try the chart download again.


This error is usually temporary and goes away with a little troubleshooting:

  1. Using the App Store utility, Updates tab, download + install any applicable iNavX version update.
  2. Hold down the power button of the device until the prompt to swipe the screen allows you to power down the device.
  3. Turn on the device again, give it time to fully boot up again. Test your Internet connection by viewing a new web page or receiving new email.
  4. Return to the iNavX app; try once again to download charts.

If these steps do not help and the very same error continues, contact There may be product description files that need to be updated by X-Traverse technicians or a server re-start may be needed.