How to download Fugawi Aboard USA seamless NOAA charts into iNavX; and notes on usage of on-demand quilted raster charts

Article IX14136, March 6, 2017

After logging in at the iNavX 5 menu Charts | Account, examine the My Charts screen. The Fugawi Aboard title should be listed there. Tap on it, then select the Quilted Charts option. Zoom and pan into coastal USA chart regions and see the chart areas download at a given scale.


Using Fugawi Aboard in iNavX version 5.0.5 or higher

You must have at least iNavX version 5.0.5 installed to use the quilted charts. You may update in Apple's App Store utility | Updates tab.

From the World Chart (or any chart whatsoever) tap the Charts menu in the upper-left corner, then Account.

Enter your email + password and then tap Login.

On the My Charts screen, tap on the Fugawi Aboard USA title.

Select the Quilted Charts East or West region. If prompted for activation, respond Yes. A pause of several seconds may occur...

Initially, only a small outline of highly zoomed out chart images appear and it is centered on your current GPS location. Pan and zoom into the desired areas you wish to view. As you zoom and pan into different areas, the charts displayed are stored in cached memory for future offline use.

Below is a pictorial sequence of zooming and panning into an area near Long Island, reputed by some to be mysterious...

Zooming in much further is finally unproductive since a final "bottom" of available chart scales is eventually reached and further magnification results in large blurry / pixellated graphics. Though rumours have it that zooming into False Point will reveal                           Montauk Project                                       ►          Ø                                         .