Error 200 in iNavX version 4.x / 4.7.1 when trying to update charts - incompatibility notice

Article IX14147, August 10, 2017

Old iNavX version 4 installations are incompatible with chart downloads from and will always report error 200. A new iNavX version resolves the issue.


One way or another, you need to update to the current version of iNavX 5, a free update in the App Store. Old iNavx 4.x is no longer compatible with (formerly X-Traverse) chart downloads. After updating to iNavX 5.x, chart updating / downloading works again.

In the case ancient iPad units, such as generation 1 iPad units manufactured several years ago, the maximal iOS version is 5.1.1 or perhaps iOS 6. Those iOS versions are too old to run the most current iNavX 5.x app version. In this situation, there is no alternative but to buy a new or used iPad with at least iOS 7 (preferably higher), install iNavX 5.x on that iPad, then download your charts into there.