How to print, email, tweet visible chart areas or open as PDF -- iNavX chart options

Article IX14171, May 19, 2015

Tap the small letter "i" in the lower right corner of a chart, then tap the Options button.


The iNavX app offers an extra option for chart export / send to external reader. This is not an option and we do not support such options in great detail. Seek assistance from the app vendor if you need more detailed help than what is given below.

While viewing a given chart area (raster or vector chart) tap the small letter "i" in the bottom right corner. A general information summary of the chart is shown.

In the upper left corner is a supplemental options button (box + arrow icon). Tap that button to present the following options:

  • Remove Chart ... see related article about removing NOAA charts.
  • Update Chart
  • Email Chart
  • Tweet Chart
  • Print Chart
  • Open Chart as PDF

Choose the email, tweet, print, or PDF options as you wish. All of these options assume you have a connecting service / app / hardware that can receive the chart graphics image. For example, if you choose to Print then the iPad needs the proper configuration to beam out to a Wi-Fi enabled printer. At a minimum, the PDF option will display the chart graphics in the iBook app provided by Apple.

These options do not export / print out the (potentially) millions of square kilometers of all charts regions in a given chart collection -- this would likely be a prohibitively large export that would exceed memory or put out thousands of sheets of paper. Naturally, only the area of chart you presently see on the iPad or iPhone screen is what gets exported / printed. The resultant export is merely a visual two dimensional fixed image with no GPS geo-referencing included.