Introduction: Navionics Charts for iNavX for iPhone and iPad

Article IX14200, June 26, 2017

A basic introduction to the web service charts and how they work with iNavX.


Navionics Charts for iNavX for iPhone and iPad

Navionics+® chart collections for world-wide regions are available for use with the iNavX™ 5 app for all iPad models and separate Navionics+ licenses are available for iPhone™, and iPod Touch. Each purchase entitles you to download the charts to two target units. Your iPad or iPhone must have at least iOS 7 to run the iNavX app.

The charts are subscribed to through a purchase at either the web store for iPad compatible charts or web store pages for iPhone compatible charts.

Don't worry, the subscription does not mean charts disappear from your iNavX app at the end of the year. Whatever you download stays in memory as long as the device's memory is not reset. What the subscription does provide are chart updates and emergency re-downloads of charts for a duration of 365 days. For example, long time customers may have some older types of charts such as Navionics Gold or Navionics HotMaps which are retired, no longer sold, but any downloaded charts should remain in memory until a total memory reset of the device.

Read on to learn more about both downloading charts and for additional information about iNavX.


What is iNavX?

iNavX is powerful marine navigation software that works with iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and includes support for:

  • Waypoint and route creation, editing
  • Track plotting
  • Go To Waypoint navigation
  • Transfer of waypoints, routes and tracks to/from select PC or Mac software
  • Weather forecast (GRIB file) weather overlay as well as paid Theyr Weather overlays.
  • Instruments (ex. wind speed, depth sounder, etc.) displayed using NMEA sentences via WiFi
  • AIS data display -- see other vessels broadcasting AIS data in your vicinity
  • GPS location centering or offset position on chart, heading and projection line, course up chart rotation or North-up orientation as per preference
  • And much more

iNavX app users can download and view the award-winning Navionics charts along with other types of raster charts.


How to get iNavX and download Navionics charts into it

Step 1.
Purchase iNavX for your iOS device from the Apple App Store using your iTunes account. Click here to purchase.

Step 2.
Create a free account on

Step 3.
On any of the iPad compatible product pages or iPhone compatible product pages, click the Add to Cart button and then proceed to credit card check-out.

Step 4. Configure iNavX in this way:

  1. Tap on the menu Charts | Account (or, equivalently, More... | Account).

  2. Enter your account's email + password; tap Login.

  3. On the My Charts tab, tap on any of the Navionics chart titles to which you subscribed.

  4. Tap Download Chart List; answer Yes to the prompts.

  5. Select any desired chart regions; answer Yes to the download prompt.

  6. After a percentage download indicator gets to 100%, the chart region is shown at a large scale. Zoom into any red rectangles indicating areas of chart coverage.

For a more fully detailed and illustrated walk-through of these steps see the article on: Example of downloading Navionics charts into iNavX


Frequently Ask Questions

Q: Can I use the charts included with my Navionics Boating HD app in iNavX?
A: No. Because of the way that the iOS apps are designed and bundled, it is not possible to share the charts from one app in another app. 

Q: Can I use this Navionics chart region with iNavX for the iPhone or iPod Touch as well as iPad?
A: You must purchase the Navionics region specially for either iPhone / iPod Touch OR iPad / iPad mini. Navionics charts purchased for iPhone will not download to iPad. Nor will Navionics charts purchased for iPad download to iPhone. (Don't worry, when you purchase charts from Fugawi X-Traverse, just check mark for your device - iPhone or iPad - and you will be shown only the compatible version.)

Q: How long can I use the Navionics charts in iNavX? What happens when the subscription expires?
A: You may continue indefinitely with viewing and using Navionics chart regions downloaded on to two unique iOS devices of a compatible type. The charts do not disappear at the end of subscription time frame. When you make your first download, the chart collection is effectively locked to the first unique iOS device; and if you have a second device, the chart collection will lock to that unique device as well. guarantees to retain the Navionics chart collection you subscribed to for up to one year after purchase. Therefore you may re-download any chart as many times as you like (on to the same device) for up to one year. To download the charts again after the subscription period, you may renew / upgrade the subscription for continued chart updates and re-downloads as needed.

Q: Can I transfer the Navionics chart files from one iOS device to another?
A: You do not transfer charts between devices, you merely get a fresh new download of charts using your secondary / backup subscription included with your purchase. Configure your new iOS device the same way you configured the old one. If you have already locked in your two subscriptions but are still within the subscription time frame, contact for help with getting the charts downloaded to a new device.

Q: How do I update iNavX to be sure it has access to all the latest X-Traverse chart products and data overlays?
A: On the main screen of your iOS device, enter Apple's own "App Store" program. Select the Updates tab and if you see an update for the iNavX app, accept it for download and installation. The process of updating will not affect any data like waypoints, routes, tracks, and charts already downloaded will be unaffected. 

Q: I do not see an icon for my boat in iNavX. What should I check to make sure GPS position data is available to iNavX?
A: On your iOS device main screen, tap Settings app, then select Privacy | Location Services. Make sure Location Services is set to ON for both the iOS device in general, and for the iNavX app in particular. With Location Services enabled, the iNavX app is able to present your present position on a chart based on any incoming GPS data from any compatible source.

Q: How do I know if my iPad or iPhone has built-in GPS capabilities?
A: All iPad cellular (3G / 4G) models have an assisted-GPS receiver that works independently of a cellular phone company subscription or Wi-Fi service login. That's excellent because then iNavX can receive the GPS positioning data and show you where your boat is in real-time on a chart. Not sure if you have a iPad cellular 3G / 4G model? Tap on the Settings app and look for a row labeled Cellular Data; if it is there then you have a cellular model and you are good to go.

Q: Do chart files get backed up to a computer hard drive via synchronization through iTunes?
A: No, the chart collection files are designed to stay resident in and locked to an iOS device only. By design, no backup of the chart files saves to a hard drive.

Q: Can I purchase the Navionics charts from a source other than for use with iNavX?
A: No. Only genuine Navionics charts, subscribed to from X-Traverse are compatible with iNavX. Charts on Navionics Plug-and Play media will not work (nowhere to plug them in, no cross promotional deal).

Q: Can I use the Navionics charts subscriptions from in another product, such as Fugawi Marine 5, MacENC, or a Navionics compatible plotter?
A: No. You must purchase the Navionics region specially for Fugawi Marine 5 or MacENC. And for chart plotters you need to purchase official Navionics Plug-and-Play media such as CF or SD card.

Q: Are Navionics charts available in very small regions or entire continents?
A: Navionics Gold charts for iNavX are available in collections that cover major portions of a given continent or all of it; and for USA and Canada inland fishing lakes there are Navionics HotMaps regions containing thousands of charted lakes.

Q: What is the X-Traverse Data Account, and can I purchase Navionics charts without creating an account?
A: The free X-Traverse Data Account allows for general access to charts -- so, yes, you need a free account to purchase and store your chart file backup. offers Internet cloud based storage and transfer capabilities so you may move waypoints, routes, and tracks to computers using Fugawi Marine 5 or MacENC via brief Internet connection -- no messy, difficult to configure cable based transfers. Also, the X-Traverse data account lets you fetch weather forecasts and enhanced data overlays.

Q: Which software products may I use to plot waypoints for use in iNavX?
A: The latest version of any of the following products may be used: Fugawi Marine 5, Fugawi Global Navigator, GPSNavX or MacENC. Additionally, waypoints may be created with any software application which supports GPX or KML format and uploaded to iNavX software using the "My Waypoints & Data" storage page on your account.

Q: Are other maps and charts available for use in iNavX?
A: Yes. iNavX comes with free access to the complete set of NOAA Raster Navigational Charts® (NOAA RNC). Other selected raster charts are available via subscription from

Q. Why should I choose Navionics charts if I already have coverage from the NOAA RNCs?
A: The choice is yours. However the Navionics charts are generally clearer to read at varying zoom scales and many people prefer the "look and feel" of the crisp and clear Navionics charts. For salt water regions outside of the coastal U.S. or its territorial waters, there are no NOAA RNC charts. The Navionics HotMaps charts of U.S. and Canadian freshwater lakes are the industry "gold standard" with the widest coverage and exclusive high-definition 1' contours for select lakes from Navionics' own on-the-water surveys.

Q: How do I report missing information for the Navionics chart on my iPhone?
A: Navionics encourages users of all its products to submit feedback regarding any discrepancies that may be found to ensure that their products are the best and most accurate available. Your feedback counts! Help to make Navionics products even better. Click here to submit your findings.

Q: How much storage space will iNavX plus the Navionics region(s) consume on my iPhone?
A: It varies depending on the region you download, but is typically 100 to 700 MB. However iNavX permits you to download one, many, or all of the individual maps which make up a collection. An individual chart file may be between 5 MB to 90 MB but are typically in the range 10 to 20 MB.

Q: Will iNavX run on other non-Apple smart phones?
A: No.

Q: Is iNavX manufactured by Fugawi Software?
A: No. iNavX is an independent application manufactured by the company Momentum Labs LLC.

Q: How can I get more help?
For iNavX related questions, visit or email with an exact description of an error conditions or question about something particular you want to accomplish. For X-Traverse related questions, email      

Q: Who do I contact if I am having problems buying iNavX from the App Store or have a billing issue? 
A: Apple is the seller of all apps via the iTunes App Store (i.e. they have your Apple ID and credit card information). You will need to contact them directly for help in regards to how the status and use of your iTunes Store account, credit card transactions with the App Store, etc. See: But for the technical assistance involving charts, weather, data exports, etc. contact X-Traverse support; and for technical assistance with the workings of the iNavX app itself, contact iNavX.

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