After downloading to 100 percent, chart does not display, error "Unable to Load", iNavX display returns back to chart list with no bolded chart titles shown

Article IX14207, October 20, 2015

Wait and/or restart the iOS device, then try downloading again.


This is a rare and usually sporadic issue. If you see a chart file download to 100% but then it fails to display in iNavX, this usually means there is a temporary issue with chart file encryption. Often, waiting a few minutes and trying the download again resolves the issue. Restarting the iOS device may help, though usually this is only because of the time it takes to do the reboot and then establish a new Internet connection.

If you try a few times and the download after 100% never completes as expected with a display of chart data, inform of the issue. Technicians will need a little time to resolve the issue and then will email you back to invite you to perform the download.