Chart downloads stall if NMEA via TCP/IP over Wi-Fi enabled - iNavX

Article IX14211, December 3, 2015

Downloading of charts is done using the iOS's regular connection to the Internet. Having iNavX configured for a TCP/IP connection receiving NMEA navigation data streamed over Wi-Fi may possibly interfere with chart downloads hosted on the X-Traverse service.


Some customers enable NMEA via TCP/IP and use it to good effect or they tinker with iNavX and stumble into activating TCP/IP client. Later, they may find charts from the X-Traverse service fail to download. For example, Fugawi Aboard charts never download chart images tile by tile, instead only a gray blank grid appears in the iNavX chart display screen.

From the main screen of iNavX, tap into the menu Preferences | TCP/IP NMEA Client. Set the Link to OFF (zero = disabled) status.

TCP IP link screen of iNavX with connection disabled

Go back to the chart collection of interest. Once more, tap on a chart title / region and attempt to download via regular Internet connection as defined in the iOS Settings utility. As long as your regular Internet connection is working (ex. new emails and web pages can be viewed) then charts will download assuming iNavX is otherwise configured properly and chart subscriptions are active.