Chart appears for several seconds, then iNavX jumps away to a featureless land outline -- Position Icon at Location function

Article IX14246, May 20, 2015

Tap the chart Settings icon, set Pos Icon Loc to "None". This stops the automatic jumping to a low detail world map at a present GPS coordinate.


Your X-Traverse downloaded chart is fine and iNavX is merely doing what it is supposed to: it automatically jumps to whatever map / chart area matches your present GPS position. If you have no good chart image available for your present location, you will see merely jagged outline land graphics. To avoid jumping away, tap the gray gear-wheel icon in the upper right corner and set Pos Icon Loc (means "Position Icon at Location") to None, then tap Save. Now a chart of a far away area will stay put on the screen and you may do your route planning and chart object evaluation as normal.

iNavX chart Settings screen with Pos Icon Loc set to None

Later, when your boat is out on the water moving along, you need to set Pos Icon Loc to Ctr (center) so that your boat icon appears in the middle of the screen. You definitely want that when actively navigating.

The screen looks essentiall the same on iNavX seen on an iPad screen.

Chart Settings gear wheel icon