Navionics 50XG does not wrap around 180 meridian line in some regions such as Fiji

Article IX14251, June 27, 2016

The chart files of Navionics 50XG (and the retired 34XG) are just fine but the 180 degree longitude line makes different software display the charts differently.


This issue is limited to the Navionics 50XG chart collection as seen in the iNavX app for iOS, tested on 4.2 and version 4.7.4. As further software updates of the app are published, this issue may be resolved.

Chart regions split by the 180 degree longitude line (ex. Fiji Islands) render with portions of the regions at opposites sides of the screen with no wrap-around. Also, depth soundings are hidden within about half of degree west of 180. This is a known rendering limitation you will need to work around; it is not a problem with the chart data itself (i.e. a re-download will not resolve the issue). To use chart areas east of 180 degrees, start with the world map zoomed out and pan over from the west, then zoom into the chart area you need to examine. Conversely, to use chart areas west of 180 degrees, begin zoomed out at a world-wide scale, then pan eastwards until near 180 at which point you zoom in.

50XG on iPad

50XG on iNavX western portion

Future software versions may change this usage issue. No timeline is suggested. No change in the charting files will alter this issue, X-Traverse has no means of definitively resolving the issue. The chart collection is sold as is and we hope customers will be satisfied with working around this usage / display issue.