iOS 8.3 connectivity problems with external Bluetooth may prevent GPS data delivery to iNavX

Article IX14425, May 18, 2015

iOS 8.3 had a well known issue with Bluetooth connectivity. Updating to iOS 8.4, iOS 9.x or higher resolves the issue with getting data from an external Blueooth enabled GPS device.


In mid-2015, Apple's iOS 8.3 had Bluetooth communications stabilty issues with a variety of GPS products including many brands and models of external GPS. Everything to do with X-Traverse charts and the iNavX app was unaffected. Eventually, Apple fixed the issue in the subsequent iOS version 8.4 of July 2015 and that fix has naturally carried over to newer iOS versions. Update the iOS of your iPhone or iPad using the standard instructions Apple gives when connecting your device to the iTunes application.

If you do not update past iOS 8.3, there is nothing definitive and effective that can be done to fix the Bluetooth GPS issue. Update the iOS version immediately.

If any generalized follow-on issues arise out of updating the iOS contact Apple. If your charts in iNavX seem to disappear, contact for assistance with that specific issue.