How to update charts on iNavX

Article IX180611, July 11, 2018

Assuming your subscription for downloads / updates / restores is current, follow these instructions to update your charts for iNavX.

Updates help make boating safer and the passage more efficient, so we recommend you update as soon as you have several minutes of Internet access. Chart updating has no effect on any of your existing waypoints, routes, or tracks. Whatever is downloaded is the most current updated version of the chart region available on the Fugawi web server.

For iNavX on iOS devices:

 1.  Starting from the world map or any chart, tap Charts | My Charts.
 2.  Tap on this Navionics+ chart title to enter its chart list.
 3.  At the top of the list, tap Refresh Chart List and answer Yes to all prompts.
 4.  From the list of chart regions, select any one region you wish to download and answer Yes to the prompt to download that.

For iNavX on Android, each chart region is updated individually:

 1.  While viewing any Navionics+ region you wish to update, tap the Chart Settings control (the gear-wheel icon, upper-right corner) and then tap the Chart Information (circle icon around the letter " i "). 
 2.  Tap the Delete button to remove the selected chart region from memory.
 3.  Similarly, view and then delete every chart region you wish to update.
 4.  Return to Charts | My Charts | Navionics and select this Navionics+ title to see its chart list.
 5.  Finger drag the screen downwards until a curvy-arrow icons appears. Respond Yes to the prompt for refreshing the chart list.
 6.  From the list of chart regions, select and download regions one by one.