Charts download via X-Traverse app for Mac to hard drive folders of your choice -- MacENC and GPSNavX do not perform the download directly

Article MA15004, March 17, 2017

Download the DMG file from Drag "X-Traverse" app to Finder | Applications and run it to download charts.


Unlike some other Fugawi / X-Traverse compatible software, charts do not download directly from inside the Mac OS X charting software. That is, MacENC or GPSNavX view the charts but do not perform the actual download of the charts from the Fugawi web service. A free companion app does the "heavy lifting" of chart downloading (compatible with only Mac OS 10.7 or higher running on an Intel processor, not the older G4 or G5 processors).

Get the X-Traverse app for Mac as a standard compressed Disk iMaGe (DMG) file from the direct download URL:

Once downloaded to your hard drive, click the DMG file to mount it (as if it were now a removable drive).

X-Traverse app for Mac initially on mounted DMG but must be dragged into Applications folder

Inside is the actual X-Traverse app file. Drag and drop into into the Finder's Applications folder. (This is how you install any Mac app in a DMG, nothing special here.)

Applications folder with properly installed X-Traverse app for Mac as seen in Finder window

The first time you click on Finder | Applications | X-Traverse, you may be prompted with a security caution concerning Internet downloads. Acknowledge and permit the running of the X-Traverse app by clicking the Apple icon | System Preferences | Security & Privacy | General tab, unlock the security settings if need be, then select the Anywhere option for software permissions.

Mac OS X System Preferences Security and Privacy General tab

Once the X-Traverse app for Mac is running, click Account and enter your account login email and (case-sensitive) password. 

Click the Activate Products button to see a list, fetched from your Fugawi account, showing which chart collections may be downloaded. 

From the drop-down list, select a chart collection title and click the Activate button.

X-Traverse app for Mac running with Account button highlighted

You will be prompted for a hard drive folder to which the files will download. Where should that folder be? That's up to you. For the sake of avoiding clutter and keeping organized, you should create sub-folders in the Finder's Documents folder.

Example of sub-folders of charts organized under Mac Finders Documents

For another take on using the X-Traverse app for Mac in conjunction with compatible chart collections from, see the chart title's product web page. For example, if you need instructions for how to download Navionics 50XG on to a Mac, see: