Navionics charts on SD or CF card have no compatible software on Mac OS X to import them -- Use download-only Navionics from X-Traverse instead

Article MA15050, May 22, 2015

A limitation of current software packages in the Mac OS X ecosystem: there is no way to import Navionics charts from media card. But they can be downloaded... read on...


At the time of this writing, not a single software maker in the computer market has software for Mac OS X that directly imports Navionics charts from media card for permanent use on the computer. crying

If any Mac OS X developers out there are looking for a million dollar idea, here it is! enlightened

You may purchase the charting software MacENC and then also purchase an X-Traverse hosted Navionics chart collection (ex. Navionics 50XG for Mac is popular). That combination will allow you to use Navionics charts on your Mac computer. smiley

There is no special cross-promotional deal linking Navionics media card products with the equivalent product download from X-Traverse; in other words, they are separate purchases.


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Charts download via X-Traverse app for Mac to hard drive folders of your choice -- MacENC and GPSNavX do not perform the download directly.