Restore from external backup does not let MacENC or GPSNavX view the charts

Article MA15155, May 21, 2015

Restore chart files from X-Traverse... other third-party file restoration methods may not work and cannot be supported with confidence.


X-Traverse sourced chart files have special properties for copy-protection purposes. The chart files only function with a specific computer as per its unique hardware profile. All bets are off when X-Traverse chart files are backed up and then restored to either the same Mac with a re-formatted hard drive or to a new Mac computer. Many other software and files will restore quite nicely... but there are no guarentees for usable restoration of X-Traverse chart files. Some customers may find restoration allows MacENC and GPSNavX to use the chart files -- we do get feedback that a simple Copy / Paste from Time Capsule storage is sometimes effective. But, more often than not, the charting software is not able to display the charts even though the software detects the existence of the chart files.

Your restoral service is X-Traverse. Assuming your X-Traverse account has in-subscription chart products compatible with Mac, you merely need to download a fresh set of charts using the X-Traverse App for Mac. Download the charts to a new folder you create somewhere under Finder | Documents, perhaps a Charts sub-folder cluster of your choice. Then open MacENC or GPSNavX and point its chart manager to this new folder containing the fresh download of charts. A great bonus is that if any chart content revisions have been done since the last time you downloaded the charts, your fresh set will have safe, revised charts for you to use confidently -- better than a musty old file restoration that is who-knows-how-old.