How to report a cartography error, missing object, incorrect chart data for a Navionics chart (on media card or download)

Article NA20000, May 27, 2015

Customers who notice Navionics cartography discrepencies (ex. missing or wrong navigation aids) are enourgaed to report the issue at


Navionics encourages users of all its products to submit feedback regarding any discrepancies that may be found to ensure that their products are the best and most accurate available. Your feedback counts! Help to make Navionics products even better. Submit the chart content issue on the Navionics web site.

However... if you are not really sure that chart itself is in error, if your intuition suggests that the software rendering the chart may be a problem, then this bears investigation. For example, a real issue in which the chart is perfectly fine but the software is has a quirk of rendering the chart in an awkward manner is explained in the Navionics 50XG on iNavX article.

You may want to start by examining a given chart area at a given scale as seen on the Navionics live chart preview portal on product pages such as Navionics Platinum+ and Navionics Gold. Then compare that chart image with what you see in your charting software (same chart area, same scale, same display layers). If you suspect there is a fundamental flaw in the software's manner of showing a Navionics chart, then contact Include screen capture images of what seems to be a problem and (if possible) get another screen capture image of what you were expecting to see. Based on what you describe to us, we will evaluate and experiment, then reply with suggestions / explanations.